2012-10-01 Ryan JendoubiRemove blah from Struct docs master
2012-10-01 Ryan Jendoubigitignore
2012-10-01 Ryan JendoubiUpdate main POD with TODOs
2012-07-17 Ryan JendoubiSome headway to testing float types in Simple.t
2012-07-10 Ryan JendoubiRemove is_integer/is_float confusion in Simple.t
2012-07-03 Ryan JendoubiFixed range warnings for floating point Simple types
2012-06-22 Ryan JendoubiQuiet down make test output
2012-06-22 Ryan JendoubiFinished fixing Union.t (via _hook_store for numerics)
2012-06-22 Ryan JendoubiFixed issues in Union.t
2012-06-22 Ryan JendoubiFinished Struct.t, Simple.t fixes + cleanup
2012-06-22 Ryan JendoubiFixed Struct.t, broke Simple.t
2012-06-21 Ryan JendoubiHalf-way to fixing problems in Struct.t
2012-06-21 Ryan JendoubiUtil: auto append newline if not present
2012-06-21 Ryan JendoubiStruct::new: bless self before passing to Fields
2012-06-20 Ryan JendoubiAdd commandline debug options
2012-06-17 Ryan JendoubiCorrected manifest
2012-06-13 Ryan JendoubiMerge branch 'master' of
2012-06-12 Ryan JendoubiFixed Array pod coverage, added size()
2012-06-12 Ryan JendoubiQuieten down limits_test.t with Test::Warn
2012-06-12 Ryan JendoubiDrastically cut test noise
2012-06-12 Ryan JendoubiIntegrated old separate tests into Simple.t
2012-06-12 Ryan JendoubiMake individual tests in Simple.t easier to run
2012-06-12 Ryan JendoubiSimilar fix for c_ubyte
2012-06-12 Ryan JendoubiFixes for c_byte type and Simple.t
2012-06-11 Ryan JendoubiFixed Simple_char.t
2012-04-10 Reini UrbanMerge branch 'master' of
2012-04-10 Reini Urbaninvalid not defined @array
2012-04-02 Ryan JendoubiFinished fixing C::T::Pointer test failures
2012-04-02 Ryan JendoubiFix regression from commit 93e0c908
2012-04-01 Ryan JendoubiBetter error msg / obj name() for Pointer
2012-04-01 Ryan JendoubiMake sure T::Simple initialising args get STOREd
2012-04-01 Ryan JendoubiFixed Pointer regression from commit 3edca28e35d6a
2012-03-31 Ryan JendoubiUpdating Pointer pod
2012-02-22 Ryan JendoubiFixed 'blank warning' in Array.t
2012-02-22 Ryan JendoubiFixed C:T:Simple constructor arg coersion; Function...
2012-02-20 Ryan JendoubiCleaned up POD errors for pod.t
2012-02-20 Ryan JendoubiSimple.t passing many more tests than before
2012-02-20 Ryan JendoubiMaking's FETCH more robust
2012-02-20 Ryan JendoubiInconsequential changes in Simple.t
2012-02-20 Ryan JendoubiArray.t actually passing
2012-02-20 Ryan Jendoubi.gitignore MYMETA.json
2012-02-20 Ryan JendoubiArray.t passing
2012-01-10 Reini Urbanrevert chmod -x win32/libffi-5.dll
2011-11-07 Shlomi FishRemove executable bits. 1
2011-08-10 Reini Urbanfix pod. add gcov make target
2011-08-08 Reini Urbanfix pod coverage. fix byte max limit from 256 to 255
2011-08-08 Reini Urbanrefactor Function + Pointer: size method. sizecode...
2011-08-08 Reini Urbanuse Ctypes::USE_PERLTYPES, use sizecode for ffi sizes
2011-08-08 Reini Urbanadd LONGLONG, indent #ifdef
2011-08-08 Reini Urbanadd simple TODO per Audreys req
2011-04-25 Reini Urbandisallow STDCALL on non-windows systems classify
2011-03-12 Reini added c_int alias classes
2011-03-11 Reini Urbanimprove cygwin libffi build and accept spaces in cwd
2011-03-11 Reini Urbanfix _hook_fetch for chars
2011-03-11 Reini Urbanfixed _minmax and two types checks
2011-03-11 Reini Urbanindent comments
2011-03-11 Reini UrbanMerge branch 'classify' of
2011-03-11 Reini UrbanMakefile.PL: fix LIBDIR INCDIR args
2011-03-11 Reini UrbanType/ rename _hook_in to _hook_store, _hook_o...
2011-03-10 Reini Urbanclassify part 2: fixed _minmax with constant, char...
2011-02-26 Reini UrbanFinish writing down the Simple numeric classes with...
2011-02-24 Reini Urbanignore test results, .test-* files
2011-02-24 Reini UrbanFirst version of class refactor, 20% finished, but...
2011-02-15 Reini Urbanlibffi 3.0.10rc3
2011-01-17 Reini Urbanomit more default sizecodes
2011-01-17 Reini UrbanCtypes::Type::_new simplification: allow init hashref...
2011-01-17 Reini UrbanCtypes.xs simplification: sizeof already gets the perl...
2011-01-17 Reini Urbanbetter util.c error messages: cry less and more context
2011-01-17 Reini Urbanadd helper .c files to xs deps
2011-01-13 Reini UrbanMore docs
2011-01-13 Reini Urbanfixed Struct.t accessor
2011-01-13 Reini Urbanrurban libffi and Debug cleanup:
2011-01-11 Reini UrbanMerge branch 'master' of v0.002
2010-12-29 Ryan JendoubiConsolidating Simple type tests into t/Simple.t
2010-12-28 Ryan JendoubiPlodding on with tests
2010-11-15 Ryan JendoubiNew tests, new testing function perl_data_validation
2010-10-31 Ryan JendoubiTests for c_uchar
2010-10-17 Ryan JendoubiMore new tests (c_byte, c_ubyte)
2010-10-12 Ryan Jendoubihook_* proof-of-concept working for type c_byte
2010-10-11 Ryan JendoubiMoving development to new branch
2010-10-08 Reini UrbanUse of qw(...) as parentheses is deprecated at inc...
2010-10-08 Reini UrbanMerge branch 'master' of
2010-09-16 Ryan JendoubiFinish Unions
2010-09-06 Ryan JendoubiMerge branch 'unions'
2010-09-06 Ryan JendoubiUnions work, improvements in Simple, Struct, Field
2010-09-05 Ryan JendoubiMerge changes to Array, Pointer from branch unions
2010-09-05 Ryan JendoubiFix ->copy method for Arrays, Pointers need tests
2010-09-05 Ryan JendoubiRe-add t/Union.t
2010-09-05 Ryan JendoubiMerge branch 'master' into unions
2010-09-05 Ryan JendoubiFinished basic Struct implementation, tests, docs
2010-09-01 Ryan JendoubiLots more work on structs, think it's good now struct_api_change
2010-08-31 Ryan JendoubiWork on Structs
2010-08-23 Ryan JendoubiTests for new Struct API
2010-08-21 Ryan JendoubiMore pod for
2010-08-16 Ryan JendoubiMore docs, plus fixed rounding error for integers
2010-08-16 Ryan JendoubiRemoved unfinished unions from master
2010-08-16 Ryan JendoubiInitial commit for branch unions unions
2010-08-16 Ryan JendoubiMany changes
2010-08-16 Reini UrbanMerge
2010-08-15 Ryan JendoubiStruct indirection working