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2012-10-01 Ryan JendoubiRemove blah from Struct docs master
2012-10-01 Ryan Jendoubigitignore
2012-10-01 Ryan JendoubiUpdate main POD with TODOs
2012-07-17 Ryan JendoubiSome headway to testing float types in Simple.t
2012-07-10 Ryan JendoubiRemove is_integer/is_float confusion in Simple.t
2012-07-03 Ryan JendoubiFixed range warnings for floating point Simple types
2012-06-22 Ryan JendoubiQuiet down make test output
2012-06-22 Ryan JendoubiFinished fixing Union.t (via _hook_store for numerics)
2012-06-22 Ryan JendoubiFixed issues in Union.t
2012-06-22 Ryan JendoubiFinished Struct.t, Simple.t fixes + cleanup
2012-06-22 Ryan JendoubiFixed Struct.t, broke Simple.t
2012-06-21 Ryan JendoubiHalf-way to fixing problems in Struct.t
2012-06-21 Ryan JendoubiUtil: auto append newline if not present
2012-06-21 Ryan JendoubiStruct::new: bless self before passing to Fields
2012-06-20 Ryan JendoubiAdd commandline debug options
2012-06-17 Ryan JendoubiCorrected manifest
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