last changeSun, 20 Mar 2011 21:35:40 +0000 (22:35 +0100)
2011-03-20 Morten VoldenContinue working on some usable unittests master
2011-03-20 Morten VoldenUpdate version number to upcoming Kdevelop 4.3
2011-03-20 Morten VoldenFix bug in annotation causing the author and date not...
2011-02-09 Morten VoldenFix license mess
2011-02-09 Morten VoldenChange Author- and projectname from README file. Add...
2011-01-04 Morten VoldenContinue work on unitest. Update the todo.
2011-01-03 Morten VoldenAdd a license. And add a .h file
2011-01-03 Morten VoldenAdd Unittest files
2010-12-30 Morten VoldenAdd an INSTALL and README file. Update the TODO's in...
2010-12-30 Morten VoldenCommit annotation changes for .h file also
2010-12-30 Morten VoldenImplement annotation
2010-12-12 Morten VoldenUpdate the todo's
2010-12-09 Morten VoldenImplement update functionality the plugin can now updat...
2010-12-07 Morten VoldenPop up an error box if history is chosen on directory
2010-12-06 Morten VoldenCleaned up debug messeges.
2010-12-06 Morten VoldenRewrite the diff a little so that it is possible to...
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