2009-01-27 Evangelos FoutrasFixed dialog selection tracking 2009.01-2
2009-01-27 Evangelos FoutrasModify custom mirror selection URL
2009-01-14 Gerhard BrauerHardcode pacman binary 2009.01 2009.01-1
2009-01-14 Aaron GriffinRemove extraneous options/warnings for ext4
2009-01-12 Gerhard BrauerNetwork settings in rc.conf
2009-01-12 Gerhard BrauerFix for grub installation and ext4
2009-01-12 Gerhard BrauerFixed network parsing to generated rc.conf
2009-01-12 Gerhard BrauerFixed grub menu.lst parsing
2009-01-09 Gerhard BrauerAdd support for ext4
2008-11-13 Simo LeoneFix various dialog box sizings 2008.12
2008-11-13 Simo LeoneRemove hardcoded disk from autoprepare
2008-11-13 Simo LeoneFixed mirrorlist preprocessing
2008-11-13 Simo LeoneFixes to package install
2008-11-13 Simo LeoneUpdate quickinst not to use packages.txt
2008-10-27 Simo LeoneRefactor configure_system()
2008-10-27 Simo Leoneset_clock() should fail out on bad tzselect return
2008-10-27 Simo LeoneFunctionalize chroot mounting and unmounting
2008-10-23 Dan McGeeFixes and updates after running setup in qemu-kvm
2008-10-23 Dan McGeeConvert initial locale generation to a post-install...
2008-10-23 Dan McGeeChange msgbox to infobox in automagic configuration...
2008-10-23 Simo LeoneRefactor installpkg()
2008-10-23 Simo LeoneImprove select_packages() performance
2008-10-23 Dan McGeeFix pacman mirror selection at different stages
2008-10-23 Dan McGeeClean up the message text a bit in autoprepare()
2008-10-23 Dan McGeeRemove a PATH hangover from 2004
2008-10-23 Dan McGeeRefactor partition() to remove duplicate code
2008-10-23 Dan McGeeCompletely rewrite _mkfs()
2008-10-23 Dan McGeeRemove unnecessary checks for partitions
2008-10-23 Dan McGeeFix indentation
2008-10-23 Dan McGeeMore cleanup and functionalizing in the filesystem...
2008-10-23 Dan McGeeKill the last user of dmesg
2008-10-23 Dan McGeeRemove dmesg grep for sectors checking
2008-10-23 Dan McGeeClean up available disks code
2008-10-23 Dan McGeeReorganize the autoprepare code into one continuous...
2008-10-23 Dan McGeeMore bootloader installation cleanups and fixes
2008-10-22 Simo LeoneRefactor select_packages()
2008-10-22 Simo LeoneImplemented set_clock()
2008-10-22 Dan McGeeMake the 'return' menu item a bit more explanatory
2008-10-22 Dan McGeeClean up bootloader config
2008-10-21 Dan McGeeCode cleanup
2008-10-21 Dan McGeeCleanup in finddisks()
2008-10-21 Dan McGeeDirectories need 755 permission
2008-10-21 Simo LeoneRefactor donetwork()
2008-09-12 Simo LeoneOverhaul select_source
2008-09-03 Simo LeoneRefactor dialog wrapper functions
2008-08-29 Simo LeoneRemoved redundant function
2008-07-10 Dan McGeeRemove duplicate code in installpkg(), fix pacman_prepare()
2008-07-10 Dan McGeeUse VC7 rather than VC5 for logging
2008-07-09 Dan McGeesetup: cleanup logic in configure_system a bit
2008-07-09 Dan McGeesetup: cleanup pacman mirrorlist configuration
2008-07-09 Dan McGeesetup: remove dead code
2008-07-09 Dan McGeesetup: simplify the pacman prepare step
2008-07-09 Dan McGeesetup: add vim modeline
2008-07-04 Simo LeoneRemoved unused function convertdev()
2008-07-02 Simo LeoneRefactor steps for install procedure
2008-06-27 Simo LeoneRemoved hwdetect usage
2008-06-20 Simo LeoneIncluding the beginner's guide with the installer 2008.06
2008-06-20 Simo LeoneFix FS#10603 - Writing proxy settings to system
2008-06-20 Simo LeoneFix package category listing
2008-06-20 Simo LeoneUse packages from on-cd cache during FTP install
2008-06-20 Simo LeoneMany misc/trivial changes
2008-04-12 Simo LeoneInstaller spelling fixes
2008-04-09 Simo LeoneSwitch to standard pacman mirror lists
2008-04-09 Simo LeoneChanges for on-disk package source
2008-04-08 Simo LeoneUse UUIDs only for sd? and hd? devices
2008-04-08 Simo LeoneReformat setup script
2008-04-07 Simo LeoneRan spellcheck on the install guide
2008-04-07 Simo LeoneFirst pass at the install doc
2008-04-06 Simo LeoneDefault to UUIDs
2008-04-02 Dan McGeeRemove usages of "cd -"
2008-04-02 Dan McGeeMake setup POSIX compliant
2008-04-02 Dan McGeeRemove CVS Id line
2008-04-02 Dan McGeeInstaller cleanups
2008-04-01 Tobias Powalowski'fixed LOC typo'
2008-03-27 Tobias Powalowskifixed typo it must be called partitions instead of...
2008-03-24 Tobias Powalowski'fixed custom ftp setup directory dialog $repo was...
2008-03-23 Tobias Powalowski'quiet remount of /'
2008-03-22 Tobias Powalowskifixed editing files dialog
2008-03-22 Tobias Powalowskiremoved fallback configuration, it is now created like...
2008-03-22 Tobias Powalowski'removed fallback editing, it is not needed anymore...
2008-03-14 Tobias Powalowski'fixed ftp path on mirror selection'
2008-03-13 Tobias Powalowski' updated memory requirements for lowmem image
2008-03-13 Tobias Powalowski'fixed dialogs with wrong breaking lines'
2008-03-13 Tobias Powalowski' fixed one /'
2008-03-13 Tobias Powalowski'removed KEEP parameter, which is unused'
2008-03-13 Tobias Powalowski'revert /var permissions, dmraid was just broken
2008-03-13 Tobias Powalowski'changed to mirrorlist file and fixed /var/lock permission'
2008-03-13 Tobias Powalowski'fixed /var/lock permission'
2008-03-05 Tobias Powalowski'upgpkg: changed fstab entries to auto
2008-03-05 Tobias Powalowski'upgpgk: updated mirrors'
2008-02-17 Tobias Powalowski'upgpkg: added new mirrors'
2008-02-08 Tobias Powalowski'upgpgk: fixed pacman 3.1.1 usage, /media mountpoints...
2008-02-08 Tobias Powalowski'upgpkg: fixed pacman 3.1.1 usage claiming about missin...
2008-02-08 Tobias Powalowski'upgpkg: added latest mirrors'
2008-02-08 Tobias Powalowski'upgpkg: added grub recovery and added new mountpoints'
2008-01-26 Tobias Powalowski'upgpkg: fixed'
2007-12-20 Tobias Powalowski'upgpkg: fixed'
2007-11-27 Tobias Powalowski'upgpkg fixed typo in SYNC_SERVER'
2007-11-23 Tobias Powalowski'added additional comment to grub and software raid'
2007-11-23 Tobias Powalowski'changed hwdetect dialog to a real question'