2010-10-13 Peter Brinkmannadded checks to work around certain buggy devices v0.1
2010-10-04 Peter Brinkmannapplied patch from RjDj to iOS code
2010-10-04 Peter Brinkmannadded tentative support for MIDI input
2010-10-04 Peter Brinkmannminor cleanup
2010-10-04 Peter Brinkmannmoved ABI check to Android branch
2010-10-01 Peter Brinkmannfixed typo in documentation
2010-09-25 Peter Brinkmannminor improvements
2010-09-24 Peter Brinkmannminor cleanup
2010-09-24 Peter Brinkmannseparate checks for input/output are now public
2010-09-23 Peter Brinkmannadded adapter class for PdReceiver
2010-09-23 Peter Brinkmannminor cleanup of C API
2010-09-21 Peter Brinkmannadded Objective C glue for iPhone, iPad, and Mac
2010-09-19 Peter Brinkmannchanged tree traversal to work around FroYo bug
2010-09-18 Peter Brinkmannminor improvement
2010-09-16 Peter Brinkmannadded link to documentation
2010-09-16 Peter Brinkmanncompleted and corrected documentation
2010-09-16 Peter Brinkmannadded license to PdTest
2010-09-16 Peter Brinkmannminor API change: separated audio init from start
2010-09-15 Peter Brinkmannminor cleanup
2010-09-15 Peter Brinkmanntracking latest changes of pd-0.43
2010-09-14 Peter Brinkmannmoved documentation to gitorious wiki
2010-09-14 Peter Brinkmanncompleted first draft of documentation
2010-09-14 Peter Brinkmannminor cleanup, further documentation
2010-09-14 Peter Brinkmannminor cleanup, further documentation
2010-09-14 Peter Brinkmannadded early draft of documentation
2010-09-12 Peter Brinkmannupdated native files with version from pd-0.43
2010-09-09 Peter Brinkmannnow without sys_startgui call in libpd_init, yay!
2010-09-09 Peter Brinkmanngot rid of single precision hack for Windows 3.1
2010-09-06 Peter Brinkmanngeneralized notification API
2010-09-06 Peter Brinkmannadded notification to test activity
2010-09-06 Peter Brinkmannrename project folder to agree with project name
2010-09-06 Peter Brinkmannadded foreground option to service
2010-09-05 Peter Brinkmanngeneral cleanup after switch to local service
2010-09-05 Peter Brinkmannadded ant build files and adjusted readme
2010-09-05 Peter Brinkmannreplaced remote service with local service
2010-09-05 Peter Brinkmannmoved IoUtils to PdCore
2010-09-04 Peter Brinkmannupdated m_atom.c, tracking pd-0.43
2010-09-04 Peter Brinkmannno signal handlers if USEAPI_DUMMY is defined
2010-09-03 Peter Brinkmannadded example for pd library
2010-09-03 Peter Brinkmannadded -lpthread to Makefile.mac
2010-09-03 Peter Brinkmannadded -lpthread to linker
2010-09-03 Peter Brinkmannminor simplification
2010-09-03 Peter Brinkmannadded tentative makefile for Mac
2010-09-02 Peter Brinkmannadded make target for libpd.so
2010-09-01 Peter Brinkmannfixed makefile
2010-08-29 Peter Brinkmannfixed version detection bug
2010-08-29 Peter Brinkmannseparated abstractions from externals
2010-08-29 Peter Brinkmannadded missing abstractions to v7a extras
2010-08-29 Peter Brinkmannnow with support for both armeabi and armeabi-v7a
2010-08-27 Peter Brinkmannadded Makefile for Java library, improved utils
2010-08-24 Peter Brinkmannminor bug fix
2010-08-19 Peter Brinkmannupdated for latest pull from pd 0.43
2010-08-18 Peter Brinkmannadded string.h to list of includes in z_libpd.c
2010-08-11 Peter Brinkmannadded explanation regarding native binaries
2010-08-11 Peter Brinkmannadded readme regarding quirks in Eclipse and ant
2010-08-11 Peter Brinkmannremoved build.xml, addressed exception in emulator
2010-08-11 Hans-Christoph... Merge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:pdlib/pd-for...
2010-08-11 Hans-Christoph... updated dummy api files in preparation for submission...
2010-08-11 Peter Brinkmannminor cleanup, added abstractions to extra.zip
2010-08-10 Peter Brinkmannminor cleanup
2010-08-10 Peter Brinkmannfolded PdCommon back into the core repository
2010-08-09 Peter Brinkmannminor cleanup
2010-08-09 Peter Brinkmanncontinued cleanup
2010-08-09 Peter Brinkmannupdated .gitignore, added build.xml for PdService
2010-08-09 Peter Brinkmannsplit PureData in PdCore (library) and PdService
2010-08-08 Peter Brinkmannfixed external overwrite bug
2010-08-08 Peter Brinkmannadded tentative makefile for Java library
2010-08-08 Peter Brinkmannadded support for installing externals in service
2010-08-07 Peter Brinkmannminor correction of search path
2010-08-07 Peter Brinkmannnow with automatic packaging of externals
2010-08-07 Peter Brinkmannminor additions
2010-08-07 Peter BrinkmannMerge branch 'detour'
2010-08-07 Peter Brinkmannnow with proper externals
2010-08-06 Peter Brinkmannsplit libpd.so from libpdjava.so
2010-08-06 Peter Brinkmannminor cleanup
2010-08-05 Peter Brinkmannnow without the nasty click on start/stop!
2010-08-05 Peter Brinkmanngeneralized Java bindings to work with 64bit CPUs
2010-08-05 Peter Brinkmannmicroscopic change...
2010-08-05 Peter Brinkmannminor adjustment
2010-08-04 Peter Brinkmannnow with abstractions and externals of pd-vanilla
2010-08-04 Peter Brinkmannminor change
2010-08-03 Peter Brinkmannadded readme on building native library
2010-08-02 Peter Brinkmannnew layout of jni folder, preparing for externals
2010-08-02 Peter BrinkmannMerge branch 'experimental'
2010-08-02 Peter Brinkmannfiddle~ still broken, but build system works now
2010-08-02 Peter Brinkmannminor cleanup
2010-08-02 Peter Brinkmannnew layout of source directory; still broken
2010-08-02 Peter BrinkmannMerge branch 'master' into experimental
2010-08-02 Peter Brinkmanncosmetic change
2010-08-02 Peter Brinkmannintermediate checkin, externals still broken
2010-08-02 Peter BrinkmannMerge branch 'master' into experimental
2010-08-02 Peter Brinkmannadded local.properties to .gitignore
2010-08-02 Peter Brinkmanntentative commit of attempts to build externals
2010-08-02 Peter Brinkmannupdated with recent pd 0.43 sources
2010-08-01 Peter Brinkmannminor life cycle improvements
2010-08-01 Peter Brinkmannminor life cycle improvements
2010-08-01 Peter Brinkmannupdated in line with changes in common branch
2010-07-31 Peter Brinkmannminor cleanup
2010-07-31 Peter Brinkmannnow with menu and about dialog
2010-07-31 Peter Brinkmannadded support for finish prefs activity with main