updated for latest version of libpd
[pdlib:pd-for-android.git] / Voice-O-Rama /
2011-08-15 Peter Brinkmannremoved proguard.cfg
2011-08-15 Peter Brinkmannminor reorganization and update
2011-08-14 Peter BrinkmannMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:pdlib/pd-for...
2011-08-13 Peter Brinkmannminor cleanup
2011-04-29 Chris McCormickMerge
2011-04-20 Peter Brinkmannnow with built-in player for recordings
2011-04-19 Peter Brinkmannfixed mime type
2011-04-02 Peter Brinkmannupdated for latest version of libpd
2011-02-19 Peter Brinkmannupdated for latest version of libpd
2011-01-12 Peter Brinkmannnow with improved handling of toasts
2011-01-08 Peter Brinkmannupdated project settings for new MIDI capabilities
2011-01-08 Peter Brinkmannminor adjustment
2011-01-06 Hans-Christoph Steineradded .gitignore to each bin/ and gen/ dir to keep...
2011-01-05 Peter Brinkmannadded project references to PdCore
2011-01-04 Hans-Christoph Steinermade almost fullscreen finger touch noisemaker
2011-01-04 Hans-Christoph Steinercopied PdTest project to new Voice-O-Rama project