updated for latest version of libpd
[pdlib:pd-for-android.git] / CircleOfFifths /
2011-08-15 Peter Brinkmannremoved proguard.cfg
2011-08-15 Peter Brinkmannminor reorganization and update
2011-08-09 Peter Brinkmannadded tentative support for .rjz files
2011-07-27 Peter Brinkmannupdated to reflect changes in submodules
2011-06-07 Peter Brinkmannfurther update for compatibility with Honeycomb
2011-06-06 Peter Brinkmannupdated for compatibility with Honeycomb
2011-04-29 Chris McCormickMerge
2011-04-29 Peter Brinkmannupdated for latest version of libpd and btmidi
2011-04-21 Peter Brinkmannminor improvement
2011-04-20 Peter Brinkmannnow with built-in player for recordings
2011-04-19 Peter Brinkmannfixed mime type
2011-04-02 Peter Brinkmannupdated for latest version of libpd
2011-02-19 Peter Brinkmannupdated for latest version of libpd
2011-01-12 Peter Brinkmannnow with improved handling of toasts
2011-01-08 Peter Brinkmannupdated project settings for new MIDI capabilities
2011-01-06 Hans-Christoph Steineradded .gitignore to each bin/ and gen/ dir to keep...
2011-01-05 Peter Brinkmannadded project references to PdCore
2010-12-26 Peter Brinkmannupdated for latest version of Android SDK/ADT
2010-11-21 Peter BrinkmannRemoved obsolete PdClient sample
2010-11-21 Peter BrinkmannMerge branch 'master' of pd-for-android-samples
2010-11-21 Peter BrinkmannChanged properties to reflect new layout of PdCore
2010-11-21 Peter BrinkmannUpdated for ADT 0.9.8 and 0.9.9
2010-11-17 Peter BrinkmannRevised readme to point to new Eclipse wike page
2010-09-24 Peter Brinkmannadded more detailed checks for audio capabilities
2010-09-16 Peter Brinkmannadjusted to work with new init/startAudio methods
2010-09-06 Peter Brinkmannback to previous icon
2010-09-06 Peter Brinkmannadded raw android svg
2010-09-06 Peter Brinkmanntentatively changed icon
2010-09-05 Peter Brinkmanngeneral cleanup after switch to local service
2010-09-05 Peter Brinkmannadjusted for local rather than remote service
2010-09-05 Peter Brinkmannadjusted for new location of IoUtils
2010-08-29 Peter Brinkmannbetter latency, some protection against distortion
2010-08-29 Peter Brinkmannnow with clipping instead of defensive scaling
2010-08-28 Peter Brinkmannslight rearrangement of colors
2010-08-28 Peter Brinkmannminor adjustment
2010-08-28 Peter Brinkmannfinished revision of GUI
2010-08-28 Peter Brinkmannfurther improvement of GUI, needs more polishing
2010-08-28 Peter Brinkmannchanged GUI, adjusted help text
2010-08-28 Peter Brinkmannaudio is now paused when activity is paused
2010-08-27 Peter Brinkmannfurther cleanup
2010-08-27 Peter Brinkmannremoved routine logging and debugging info
2010-08-27 Peter Brinkmannbetter candidate for background image
2010-08-27 Peter Brinkmannimproved(?) background image
2010-08-27 Peter Brinkmannfurther improvements of GUI
2010-08-26 Peter Brinkmannnow with high-res icon for GUI
2010-08-26 Peter Brinkmannadded icon to GUI
2010-08-26 Peter Brinkmannnow with proper launcher icon
2010-08-25 Peter Brinkmannnew email address in about dialog
2010-08-25 Peter Brinkmanncircle of fifths now remembers key signature
2010-08-25 Peter BrinkmannNow with decent help and about messages
2010-08-25 Peter Brinkmannconsolidated icons
2010-08-25 Peter Brinkmannfurther improvements of GUI
2010-08-25 Peter Brinkmannadded toggle functionality to radio buttons
2010-08-25 Peter Brinkmannnow with crude menu
2010-08-25 Peter Brinkmanngeneral cleanup, further improvements of GUI
2010-08-24 Peter Brinkmanncircle of fifths now uses pd directly
2010-08-24 Peter Brinkmannnow with visual feedback
2010-08-24 Peter Brinkmannnow with proper padding
2010-08-24 Peter Brinkmannimproved appearance of radio buttons
2010-08-24 Peter Brinkmanngeneral cleanup of GUI
2010-08-24 Peter Brinkmannminor improvements in GUI
2010-08-23 Peter Brinkmannadded credits for visual bits
2010-08-23 Peter Brinkmannnow with new look
2010-08-23 Peter Brinkmannfixed audio levels, slightly improved GUI
2010-08-22 Peter Brinkmannnow with sixth chords
2010-08-22 Peter Brinkmannnow with m7 and maj7 chords
2010-08-22 Peter Brinkmannminor improvement
2010-08-22 Peter Brinkmannnow with diminished and dominant 7 chords
2010-08-22 Peter Brinkmannnow with guitar-like voicing
2010-08-21 Peter Brinkmannminor bug fix
2010-08-20 Peter Brinkmannminor improvements
2010-08-14 Peter Brinkmannhard-coded sample rate of 44100Hz
2010-08-14 Peter Brinkmannnow with decent sound synthesis
2010-08-13 Peter Brinkmannnow with crude audio
2010-08-13 Peter Brinkmannnow with rudimentary pd patch
2010-08-13 Peter Brinkmanninitial commit of Java part of circle of fiths app