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2011-12-23 Peter Brinkmannpd-for-android has moved tp GitHub: https://github... master
2011-10-09 Peter Brinkmanncosmetic improvement
2011-09-27 Peter Brinkmannremoved dependency on btmidi
2011-09-24 Peter Brinkmannadded utility class for dispatching on UI thread
2011-09-22 Peter Brinkmannupdated for new lifecycle of PdAudio
2011-09-22 Peter Brinkmannupdated processing support for new audio lifecycle
2011-09-22 Peter Brinkmannslight modification of audio lifecycle
2011-09-22 Peter Brinkmannminor reorganization
2011-08-31 Peter Brinkmannupdated for latest revision of libpd
2011-08-30 Peter Brinkmannupdated for latest version of libpd
2011-08-29 Peter Brinkmannupdated for latest version of libpd
2011-08-25 Peter Brinkmannminor update
2011-08-23 Peter Brinkmannadded/updated license
2011-08-23 Peter Brinkmannminor refactoring
2011-08-23 Peter Brinkmannnow with proper credits
2011-08-23 Peter Brinkmannadded licensing info
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