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2012-01-12 Hartmut GoebelUpdate description in README and pdfjoin.rst. master
2012-01-10 Hartmut GoebelUpdate README: emphasize droplet mode.
2012-01-10 Hartmut GoebelAdd files missing in source-distrib to
2012-01-10 Hartmut GoebelInclude *.desktops files into source distribution.
2012-01-10 Hartmut GoebelAdd .desktop file -- needs to be adopted by installer.
2012-01-10 Hartmut GoebelRemove debug output.
2012-01-09 Hartmut GoebelIgnore generated projectlogo.* files.
2012-01-09 Hartmut GoebelIgnore .sconsign* (SCons signature files).
2012-01-09 Hartmut GoebelAdd SConstruct file for building icons, docs and manpage.
2012-01-09 Hartmut GoebelAdd
2012-01-09 Hartmut GoebelAdd droplet icon.
2012-01-09 Hartmut GoebelFix minor error in README.
2012-01-09 Hartmut GoebelAdd manpage.
2012-01-09 Hartmut GoebelAdd projectlogo.svg icon.
2012-01-09 Hartmut GoebelChecking of initial version.
2012-01-09 Hartmut GoebelAdd: Initial .gitignore
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