[release] Update NEWS, doap, configure.ac for 0.9.0 release
[pdfmod:pdfmod.git] / Makefile.am
2009-08-20 Bertrand LorentzVarious small makefile and MonoDevelop fixes
2009-08-17 Bertrand LorentzSome more make distcheck fixes
2009-08-17 Gabriel BurtMore makefu cleanup
2009-08-17 Gabriel BurtFix make distcheck
2009-08-17 Gabriel BurtMore binary-bundling removal
2009-08-15 Gabriel BurtRemove bundled Hyena
2009-08-11 Gabriel BurtMassive reorganization of src/
2009-08-04 Gabriel BurtInclude icon-theme-installer in tarball
2009-07-28 Gabriel BurtBeautiful new icon from Kalle Persson
2009-07-26 Gabriel BurtAdd user documentation
2009-07-24 Gabriel BurtAdd Mono.Data.Sqlite
2009-07-24 Gabriel BurtMore makefile changes, added HACKING
2009-07-24 Gabriel BurtNow buildable using make; added po/
2009-07-24 Gabriel BurtAdd makefiles, popper-sharp.dll