[release] Update NEWS, doap, configure.ac for 0.9.0 release
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2009-09-18 Gabriel BurtUpdate .gitignore
2009-08-24 Gabriel BurtUpdate .gitignore
2009-08-11 Gabriel BurtMassive reorganization of src/
2009-08-10 Gabriel BurtUpdate POTFILES.skip and .gitignore
2009-08-08 Gabriel BurtMerge commit 'deejay1/master'
2009-08-08 Łukasz JernaśTake the prefix variable and version number from configure. 1153
2009-08-03 Gabriel BurtUpdate .gitignore
2009-07-28 Gabriel BurtBeautiful new icon from Kalle Persson
2009-07-24 Gabriel BurtNow buildable using make; added po/
2009-07-22 Gabriel BurtAdd .gitignore