Fix build on Mono 2.8
[pdfmod:pdfmod.git] / src /
2010-10-20 Robson Roberto Sou... Fix build on Mono 2.8
2010-10-06 Gabriel BurtFix being able to load files with : in their path ...
2010-09-28 Gabriel Burt[release] Update NEWS, doap, for 0.9.0... 0.9.0
2010-09-28 Gabriel Burt[build] Fix compilation warnings
2010-09-15 Gabriel BurtAdd zoom slider/buttons in bottom-right (bgo#614378...
2010-09-14 Gabriel BurtMake Export Images a page action
2010-09-14 Gabriel BurtFix extracting pages, add F9 sidebar keybinding
2010-09-13 Gabriel BurtFix double-width page icon rendering
2010-09-13 Gabriel Burt[CairoCell] Set radius to 3, and blank drawing area
2010-09-09 Gabriel BurtFix crash I recently introduced in DnD to open doc
2010-09-09 Gabriel BurtFix bookmark add/remove undo/redo support
2010-09-08 Gabriel BurtMany bookmarks editing improvements
2010-09-08 Gabriel BurtAllow deselecting bookmarks, and selecting multiple
2010-08-31 Gabriel BurtMake SaveAs not require unsaved changes (bgo#628449)
2010-08-31 Gabriel BurtFirst pass at Bookmarks support
2010-08-27 Gabriel BurtFix PageLabels to build with latest PdfSharp
2010-08-23 Gabriel BurtFix crash with export images by escaping output path
2010-08-17 Gabriel BurtBetter handling of files dropped from nautilus
2010-06-17 Chow Loong JinMake POPPLER_SHARP_DLL_CONFIG conditional
2010-06-17 Chow Loong JinFix PDFMod's compilation to choose correct Poppler#
2010-05-19 Gabriel BurtAvoid XDG-related crash in file chooser (bgo#619073)
2010-05-14 Łukasz JernaśMark missing string as translatable (bgo#618596)
2010-05-08 Gabriel BurtMove and fix page tooltip logic
2010-03-30 Gabriel BurtUpdate copyright statements, and reformat NEWS
2010-03-30 Gabriel BurtUpdate About dialog Copyright statement
2010-03-30 Gabriel BurtRefactor file chooser code
2010-03-30 Gabriel BurtFix issue with remembering last directory
2010-03-30 Gabriel BurtRaise Document.Changed after Save
2010-03-29 Gabriel BurtCatch exceptions when inserting doc
2010-03-27 Gabriel BurtUse the stock Dnd icons instead of thumbnails
2010-02-19 Gabriel BurtRemove gnome-sharp dep
2009-11-12 Gabriel BurtCode style/cleanup changes
2009-10-08 Bertrand LorentzFix drag and drop of a file from Nautilus
2009-10-08 Gabriel BurtAdd Invert Selection action (BGO #597761)
2009-10-07 Andreu Correa Casa... Fix opening files from the command line (BGO#595756)
2009-09-26 Gabriel BurtOnline docs now hosted on
2009-09-19 Gabriel BurtSome code style tweaks
2009-09-19 Gabriel BurtGet rid of unnecessary 'private' specifiers
2009-09-18 Gabriel BurtAvoid prompt when explicitly opening > 1 file
2009-09-18 Andreu Correa Casa... The File->Open menu can open more than one document...
2009-09-18 Gabriel BurtAdd shift-ctrl-z keybinding to Redo
2009-09-10 Robert DyerWindow title marks filename with '*' for unsaved files.
2009-09-09 Gabriel BurtAdd copyright headers to all .cs files
2009-09-06 Gabriel BurtRemove superfluous this.
2009-09-05 Andreu Correa Casa... Added fullscreen view mode
2009-08-24 Robert DyerIf a file is not found, it is removed from the recent...
2009-08-24 Gabriel BurtUpdate NEWS and AUTHORS
2009-08-24 Robert DyerWhen loading a file, adds it to the recent documents...
2009-08-20 Bertrand LorentzVarious small makefile and MonoDevelop fixes
2009-08-18 Romain TartièreUse portable cp args
2009-08-18 Gabriel BurtMake sure poppler-sharp.dll.config is installed
2009-08-17 Gabriel BurtFix make distcheck
2009-08-17 Gabriel BurtMore binary-bundling removal
2009-08-15 Gabriel BurtRemove bundled Hyena
2009-08-14 Bertrand LorentzFix another minor parallel make issue
2009-08-14 Bertrand LorentzHave the makefiles use the compiler found by configure
2009-08-13 Łukasz JernaśTranslate missing string
2009-08-12 Gabriel BurtA little more reorganization
2009-08-12 Gabriel BurtSave/Load the Gtk.AccelMap
2009-08-11 Gabriel BurtMark some About strings for translation
2009-08-11 Gabriel BurtAdd comment about how a headless client could be done
2009-08-11 Gabriel BurtMassive reorganization of src/
2009-08-11 Gabriel BurtMove poppler-sharp to lib/
2009-08-11 Gabriel BurtMove PdfSharp to lib/
2009-08-11 Igor VatavukFix some zoom inconsistencies
2009-08-10 Gabriel BurtRemember show_toolbar and last_open folder in gconf
2009-08-10 Gabriel BurtUse the XDG cache dir, and cleanup tmp files better
2009-08-10 Gabriel BurtRemove Action suffix from all actions
2009-08-10 Sandy ArmstrongAdd Open in Viewer action
2009-08-08 Gabriel BurtAdd Łukasz to contributors list
2009-08-08 Gabriel BurtMerge commit 'deejay1/master'
2009-08-08 Łukasz JernaśTake the prefix variable and version number from configure. 1153
2009-08-07 Gabriel BurtUpdate for 0.5 0.5
2009-08-07 Gabriel BurtFix up some style issues in PageLabels
2009-08-07 Gabriel BurtAdd Michael to contributors list
2009-08-07 Michael McKinleyShow custom page labels (eg ii or A-10) if set
2009-08-07 Gabriel BurtSupport loading password-protected PDFs
2009-08-07 Gabriel Burt[PdfSharp] Comment out some debug code
2009-08-07 Gabriel Burt[PdfSharp] Fix exception thrown loading a PDF I have
2009-08-07 Gabriel BurtLoad PDFs off the main thread
2009-08-06 Bertrand LorentzRemove the unnecessary dependency on Windows.Forms
2009-08-06 Gabriel BurtSet the process name
2009-08-06 Gabriel BurtAdd descriptions to undo/redo menu items
2009-08-05 Gabriel BurtAdd Bertrand to contributors list
2009-08-05 Bertrand LorentzFixes for "make distcheck"
2009-08-05 Bertrand LorentzFix parallel compilation with make -j2
2009-08-04 Gabriel BurtUpdate for 0.4 release 0.4
2009-08-04 Gabriel BurtAdd Igor to contributors list
2009-08-04 Igor VatavukFix bug with clicking the select matching button
2009-08-04 Gabriel BurtExport images (jpg/png) is now working
2009-08-03 Gabriel BurtScroll if dragging and near the iconview top/bottom
2009-08-03 Gabriel BurtSupport dragging pages from one window to another
2009-08-02 Gabriel BurtUpdate About dialog
2009-08-02 Gabriel BurtPrevent a couple strings being marked for translation
2009-08-02 Julien RebetezAdd Insert From to the menu/toolbar
2009-07-31 Gabriel BurtAdd # pages to the status bar
2009-07-31 Gabriel BurtFix bug with scrolling to top on delete/zoom
2009-07-30 Gabriel BurtAdd hires icon from Kalle
2009-07-30 Gabriel BurtRemove .desktop file from .mdp
2009-07-30 Gabriel BurtHandle Hyena.Log msgs meant to be shown to the user