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last changeSat, 12 Apr 2014 16:50:31 +0000 (18:50 +0200)
2014-04-12 Pascal J. BourguignonRenamed the application menu and the apps menu. Inhibit... master
2014-04-12 Pascal J. BourguignonWrapped read-loop in a handler-bind to recover error...
2014-04-12 Pascal J. BourguignonConverted icon to iconset and icns.
2014-04-12 Pascal J. Bourguignonformat-trace: protected for closed *trace-output* ...
2014-04-10 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded creation of pw-user directory on the desktop.
2014-04-09 Pascal J. Bourguignonmerged.
2014-04-09 Pascal J. BourguignonCorrected patchwork-trace.txt directory bug. Added...
2014-04-01 Pascal J. BourguignonEdited debugging format-trace/print. Indenting.
2014-04-01 Pascal J. BourguignonEdited todo list.
2014-03-31 Pascal J. BourguignonAdded tutorials.
2014-03-31 Pascal J. BourguignonUpdated
2014-03-31 Pascal J. Bourguignon- adding links works.
2014-03-31 Pascal J. BourguignonNeutralized view-pen when the view is not in a window.
2014-03-31 Pascal J. BourguignonDefvar swank custom variables for they're not always...
2014-03-31 Pascal J. BourguignonDowncase menu command characters, otherwise they're...
2014-03-31 Pascal J. BourguignonReport errors on *error-output* instead of *trace-output*.
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