last changeSun, 25 Jan 2009 21:43:19 +0000 (16:43 -0500)
2009-01-25 Bradley M.... Got basic things working master
2009-01-19 Bradley M.... Basics of linking in Parrot working
2009-01-19 Bradley M.... Added files from plugins dir
2009-01-19 Bradley M.... Started parrot integration
2009-01-19 Bradley M.... Ignore ~ backup files
2009-01-19 Bradley M.... Added libqhtml files
2009-01-19 Bradley M.... Copied gitignore from cvsignore
2008-06-05 chqrlierenamed plugins directory
2008-06-04 chqrliemoved object files to .objs subtree
2008-05-21 chqrlieimported various external charset tables for JIS
2008-05-21 chqrliedefault ucs2/ucs4 to big endian, remark on iso-2220-jp
2008-05-04 chqrliefixed find-charset to use strxfind, implement strxfind...
2008-05-02 chqrliefixed cygwin compile
2008-05-02 chqrliesimplified buffer decoding methods: pass ptr in Charset...
2008-05-02 chqrliefixed many problems with charset encodings
2008-04-30 chqrlieadded about-qemacs command on C-H ? and f1
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