EXECUTABLE_FULLNAME is 20 apparently, not 19
[parrot-plumage:parrot-plumage.git] / metadata / partcl.json
2009-11-23 Geoffrey Broadwell[METADATA] Fix permissions on some metadata files,...
2009-10-08 Duke LetoMerge branch 'master' into partcl
2009-10-08 Daniel Arbelo ArrochaUpdate partcl metadata to point to the new gtihub repo.
2009-10-07 Duke LetoUpdate partcl info, since it lives on github now partcl
2009-10-06 Geoffrey Broadwell[METADATA] Cleanups and spec fixes for all metadata...
2009-10-02 Daniel Arbelo ArrochaAdd keywords to partcl metadata.
2009-10-01 Geoffrey Broadwell[METADATA] partcl provides partcl, not decnum-dynpmcs
2009-10-01 Daniel Arbelo ArrochaAdd a metadata file for partcl, fetches and tests ok.