last changeSat, 26 Feb 2011 15:22:44 +0000 (10:22 -0500)
2011-02-26 WhiteknightEXECUTABLE_FULLNAME is 20 apparently, not 19 master
2010-08-26 WhiteknightUpdate the winxed.json information. NotFound++
2010-07-20 Geoffrey BroadwellPlumage::Project: Fix braino causing test action to...
2010-07-14 Geoffrey Broadwell[METADATA] New winxed.json metadata; thanks NotFound...
2010-07-10 Daniel Arbelo... Update the tree-optimization metadata file.
2010-07-10 Daniel Arbelo... Add metadata for PIRATE.
2010-07-09 Geoffrey Broadwell[METADATA] OK, let's try that again. This time minus...
2010-07-09 Geoffrey Broadwell[METADATA] New project metadata tree-optimization.json...
2010-07-01 Geoffrey Broadwell[metadata] Pynie has moved to a new repository; thanks...
2010-06-23 Geoffrey Broadwell[metadata] Add parrot-mysql.json, NotFound++
2010-06-23 Geoffrey Broadwell[metadata] Add parrotSDL.json; kthakore++
2010-06-22 Daniel Arbelo... Update magic constants that were changed on parrot.
2010-06-22 Daniel Arbelo... Pull another fix from Tapir.
2010-06-22 Daniel Arbelo... Pull in a harness fix from Tapir.
2010-06-22 Daniel Arbelo... Change some magic constants that got changed from the...
2010-06-22 Daniel Arbelo... Update NQPUtils.nqp to cope with the latest parrot...
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