2009-11-02 Tom Rix36xx dpll table changes.
2009-11-02 Tom RixUse the dpll table from u-boot. 3430 base change
2009-10-02 Tom RixZOOM2_512M Create a configuration for the 512MB SOM
2009-06-02 Tom RixX-loader update for cpu revision change in u-boot.
2009-03-04 Tom RixX-loader 512 byte SW ECC support for Zoom1 and Zoom2
2009-02-11 Vikram PanditaCleanup MLO file on distclean
2009-02-10 Vikram PanditaGenerate MLO file with Makefile ift option
2009-02-06 Tom RixXloader Fix mmc registers to be volatile
2009-02-06 Tom RixChange CPPFLAGS from building with 2008q3 tool chain.
2009-02-04 Nishanth MenonX-Loader: Add SignGP support
2009-01-20 Nishanth MenonX-loader: Add build date and time during boot
2009-01-07 Nishanth MenonX-loader: Change zoom2 file name
2009-01-07 Nishanth MenonX-loader: add zoom2 2Gb ddr support
2009-01-06 Woodruff, RichardUse 26Mhz clock from T2. Do not divide by 2.
2008-11-12 leedsalim@gmail.comFix for mmc boot feature on x-loader
2008-10-31 Vikram PanditaAdd support for Micron NAND part MT29F4G16ABC
2008-10-13 Keith DeaconAdded .gitignore to make git happier
2008-10-13 Keith DeaconInitial commit based on X-LOAD_RLS_4.57