Add zero bootdelay check
[pandaboard:u-boot-4460.git] / include / configs / omap3630zoom3.h
2010-11-18 Herve FacheAdd zero bootdelay check master
2010-08-10 Moiz SonasathU-boot: Add new config file 'omap3630zoom3_emmc_config'
2010-03-23 Sergio AguirreFix autoboot cmd for nandboot
2010-02-24 Sukumar GhoraiOptimizing I2C read/write for OMAP3
2010-02-03 Sukumar GhoraiIncrease number of args for an env variable to 24
2010-01-21 Christina WarrenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://cwarren@dev.omapzoom...
2010-01-12 Vimal SinghMaking HW ECC in ROM CODE layout default for zoom2...
2009-12-18 Sukumar GhoraiDPLL4 locked at 864MHZ for OMAP3630Zoom3
2009-12-18 Sukumar GhoraiUpdate MMC command to support MMC2 and read/write in...
2009-12-17 Christina WarrenDPLL4 locked at 864MHZ for OMAP3630Zoom3
2009-12-17 Christina WarrenUpdate MMC command to support MMC2 and read/write in...
2009-11-02 Tom RixOMAP36XX Remove 322MHz CORE clk option.
2009-11-02 Tom RixCMD voltage Add a new command to display and control...
2009-11-02 Tom RixOMAP36XX Add optional PER tables
2009-11-02 Tom RixCMD clock info, Add some verification for PER clocks
2009-11-02 Tom RixCMD clock, start a new command for the system clocks.
2009-11-02 Tom RixZoom3 Add support for 200MHz L3
2009-11-02 Tom RixZoom3 Use the dco_sel and sd_div in PER dpll setup.
2009-11-02 Tom RixZoom3 Use config CONFIG_OMAP36XX
2009-11-02 Tom RixZoom3 initial changes.