2010-07-08 Leed AguilarOMAP: NAND: increase system partition size to 180MB
2010-05-06 Vikram PanditaRevert "OMAP: ARM Errata 687067 workaround"
2010-04-27 DebBarma, Tarun... OMAP: ARM Errata 687067 workaround
2010-04-27 Christina WarrenEnable 3630zoom3 1GB DDR config
2010-03-23 Sergio AguirreFix autoboot cmd for nandboot
2010-03-22 Tom RixNAND: Add an option for raw read
2010-03-22 Tom RixFastboot: Add support for new 'upload' command.
2010-03-22 Tom RixFastboot: Add OOB size to nand interface.
2010-03-22 Tom RixFastboot: Support the 'continue' command.
2010-03-09 Sukumar GhoraiRemove udelay dependency at init in OMAP3430
2010-03-04 Sukumar GhoraiAdd support for valid cluster number for FAT32
2010-03-03 Christina WarrenFix warning in led.h
2010-02-26 Christina WarrenEnable 1GB on the Hynix MCP DDR module
2010-02-24 Sukumar GhoraiOptimizing I2C read/write for OMAP3
2010-02-22 Sukumar GhoraiMMC read/write commands updated for OMAP3
2010-02-09 Sukumar GhoraiFix compilation error for NAND on 3430SDP
2010-02-04 Christina WarrenFastboot: Fix break in test automation
2010-02-03 Thara GopinathMux setting for gpmc_a11 IO pin
2010-02-03 Sukumar GhoraiIncrease number of args for an env variable to 24
2010-02-03 Cyril BianconiOptimizing NAND read/write to reduce boot time
2010-02-03 Christina WarrenReduce u-boot boot time
2010-01-21 Christina WarrenFix incorrect argument count in MMC command
2010-01-21 Christina WarrenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://cwarren@dev.omapzoom...
2010-01-12 Vikram Panditafastboot: flash uboot xloader with write.i
2010-01-12 Vikram Panditaomap: fastboot: use hw ecc for all partitions
2010-01-12 Vimal SinghSupport and make HW ECC in ROM CODE layout default...
2010-01-12 Vimal SinghMaking HW ECC in ROM CODE layout default for zoom2...
2010-01-12 Vikram Panditaomap: mux: fix delay loop count
2010-01-08 Sukumar GhoraiOMAP3630: Remove udelay dependency on initialization
2009-12-18 Sukumar GhoraiDPLL4 locked at 864MHZ for OMAP3630Zoom3
2009-12-18 Christina WarrenChange boot info for OMAP3630Zoom3
2009-12-18 Sukumar GhoraiUpdate MMC command to support MMC2 and read/write in...
2009-12-18 Sukumar GhoraiAdd MMC2 support for OMAP3
2009-12-17 Christina WarrenDPLL4 locked at 864MHZ for OMAP3630Zoom3
2009-12-17 Christina WarrenChange boot info for OMAP3630Zoom3
2009-12-17 Christina WarrenUpdate MMC command to support MMC2 and read/write in...
2009-12-17 Christina WarrenAdd MMC2 support for OMAP3
2009-12-14 Ghorai, SukumarEnable switching between hw and sw ECC for NAND on...
2009-12-14 Ghorai, SukumarOMAP3xxx: Pinmux updated for Display & Camera
2009-12-14 Ghorai, SukumarDPLL4 locked at 864MHz for OMAP3630SDP
2009-12-14 Ghorai, Sukumaru-boot OMAP3xxx: SDRC reset done on warm-reset for...
2009-12-14 Ghorai, Sukumaru-boot OMAP3xxx: Change IVA Bypass Clock configuration...
2009-12-14 Ghorai, Sukumaru-boot OMAP36xx SDP: OMAP3630 SDP u-boot support added
2009-12-14 Ghorai, Sukumaru-boot OMAP36xx: MMC#2 pin-mux updated
2009-12-12 Christina WarrenFastboot: Fix MUSB DMA word alignment issue on OMAP3630...
2009-12-01 Vikram PanditaMerge branch 'next'
2009-12-01 Ghorai, Sukumaru-boot OMAP36xx: MPU, IVA freq. updated as per OPP100...
2009-11-17 Tom RixFastboot support comments in environment files
2009-11-16 Tom RixU-boot Enable board resetting for Zoom1
2009-11-16 Tom RixU-boot SDP ES 3.1 uses a new memory type.
2009-11-16 Tom RixFastboot support disconnecting and reconnecting the...
2009-11-16 Tom RixFastboot Fix warning about invalid buffer size.
2009-11-16 Tom RixFastboot add serial number support to fastboot
2009-11-16 Tom RixU-boot fastboot : fix a problem with return value being...
2009-11-16 Tom RixU-boot Fastboot Add a user controlled exits
2009-11-16 Tom RixU-boot Fastboot Reset the OTG USB registers.
2009-11-16 Tom RixU-boot Fastboot Use DMA's to speed up downloads
2009-11-16 Tom RixU-boot FASTBOOT Add runtime partitions
2009-11-16 Christina WarrenUse LED macro in twl4030_init_battery_charging
2009-11-16 Christina WarrenAdd GREEN LED support for 3630 Zoom3
2009-11-16 Christina WarrenAdd GPIO and MUX configuration for GREEN LED on 3630...
2009-11-16 Christina WarrenRemove GPIO94 mux config for board revision detection
2009-11-16 Christina WarrenOMAP3430Zoom2:Fix reboot issue relating to twl4030_usb_...
2009-11-16 Christina WarrenOMAP3430Zoom2:Fix I2C read error seen when rebooting...
2009-11-04 Sergio Aguirreu-boot: common: Fix compilation warnings
2009-11-04 Sergio Aguirreu-boot: omap3: Fix compilation warnings
2009-11-04 Subramani Venkateshu-boot: mmcinit reboot fix
2009-11-02 Christina WarrenU-boot OMAP3630 Zoom3: Fix reboot issue relating to...
2009-11-02 Christina WarrenU-boot OMAP3: Fix reboot issue relating to twl4030_usb_...
2009-11-02 Tom RixZoom2, Zoom1 enable cmd voltage info
2009-11-02 Tom RixZoom2, Zoom1 Enable cmd clock info.
2009-11-02 Tom RixOMAP36XX Reduce the clock tables to one index per frequ...
2009-11-02 Tom RixOMAP36XX Remove 322MHz CORE clk option.
2009-11-02 Tom RixOMAP36XX Remove vdd1 1.10V optional timings
2009-11-02 Tom RixOMAP3XXX MPU clock initialization moved to seperate...
2009-11-02 Tom RixOMAP36XX Add IVA timings for vdd1 = 1.2
2009-11-02 Tom RixBug-fix: Cannot disable I2C module inbetween of a trans...
2009-11-02 Tom RixCMD voltage Add a new command to display and control...
2009-11-02 Tom RixOMAP36XX Fix the extents of PER clock parameters
2009-11-02 Tom RixOMAP36XX Add optional PER tables
2009-11-02 Tom RixOMAP36XX Expand the PER timing table
2009-11-02 Tom RixZoom3 Add a new mpu table for vdd1 = 1.20
2009-11-02 Tom RixCMD clock info, add mpu clock info
2009-11-02 Tom RixZoom3 GPMC values for NAND and NOR with L3 at 200MHz
2009-11-02 Tom RixCMD clock info, Add some verification for PER clocks
2009-11-02 Tom RixI2C Use the kernel 2.6.31 i2c init algorithm.
2009-11-02 Tom RixZoom3 TWL4030 reset depends on I2c
2009-11-02 Tom RixCMD clock, start a new command for the system clocks.
2009-11-02 Tom RixZoom3 Add support for 200MHz L3
2009-11-02 Tom RixZoom3 Use the dco_sel and sd_div in PER dpll setup.
2009-11-02 Tom RixZoom3 Mux changes for the display
2009-11-02 Tom RixI2C import mainline i2c init function
2009-11-02 Tom RixZoom3 Use config CONFIG_OMAP36XX
2009-11-02 Tom RixOMAP36XX Add 36xx dpll table.
2009-11-02 Tom RixOMAP34XX Move DPLL tables
2009-11-02 Tom RixZoom3 initial changes.
2009-11-02 Tom RixMove zoom2 devices to driver level.
2009-11-02 Tom RixMove files shared between zoom1 and zoom2 to cpu.
2009-10-21 Moiz SonasathThis patch fixes the I2C read error thrown when rebooting
2009-10-21 Moiz SonasathThis patch corrects the soft-reset sequence and disable...