2011-03-09 Pascal Bleserfix passing --define
2011-03-08 Pascal Bleserfix path name lookup in the database
2011-03-08 Pascal Bleserfix typos and syntax errors
2011-03-08 Pascal Bleserfix regression, removes bundle and not signature
2011-03-08 Pascal Bleseradd support for guessing the distribution name and...
2011-03-08 Pascal Bleseradd support for -l -
2011-03-08 Pascal Bleseruse --detach-sign to sign the bundled script
2011-03-08 Pascal Bleserlog with localtime() instead of gmtime()
2011-03-08 Pascal Blesermore file path fixes
2011-03-08 Pascal Bleseradd rsign
2011-03-01 Pascal Bleseradd reading configuration from stdin (with timeout...
2011-03-01 Pascal Bleseradd make bundle
2011-02-28 Pascal Bleser- rename rpmmd2pmdb to rpm2pm
2011-02-24 Pascal Bleseradded auto-recognition of factory, tumbleweed, evergree...
2011-02-24 Pascal Bleserbackwards compatible with older XML::LibXML and HTML...
2011-02-24 Pascal Bleser- add --dry-run mode
2011-02-20 Pascal Bleser- refactorings in the db package
2011-02-20 Pascal Bleser- add configuration file handling (with sample.conf...
2011-02-20 Pascal Bleserinitial version, tested