last changeWed, 8 Aug 2012 09:02:48 +0000 (09:02 +0000)
2012-08-08 Donald Carrget Qt 5 snapshots building master
2012-08-08 Donald CarrMake package script hardfp cognizant
2012-08-08 Donald CarrWhoops
2012-08-08 Donald CarrUpdate build-qt5 to HEAD
2012-08-08 Donald CarrRemove wayland until unblocked
2012-06-29 Donald CarrUpdate build-qt5 to HEAD
2012-06-04 Donald CarrFix build-qt5 arguments
2012-06-04 Donald Carrupdate build-qt5 script
2012-06-03 Donald CarrClean up a host of filthiness
2012-06-02 Donald CarrUpdate build-qt5 script
2012-06-02 Donald CarrWebkit always uses pkg-config, unset host pkg-config...
2012-06-02 Donald Carrnamespacing was broken in webkit; circumvent
2012-06-02 Donald CarrSet out the advance BASH vars one to a line for readabi...
2012-06-02 Donald CarrUpdate build-qt5
2012-06-02 Donald CarrAdd wayland to snapshot generation
2012-05-25 Donald CarrAdjust compiler name off standard Linaro to armv6 Linar...
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