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last changeSun, 11 Nov 2012 14:53:26 +0000 (14:53 +0000)
2012-11-11 Ryan Lortiebuild: simplify check for polkit master
2012-11-06 Elad Alfassacnf: Don't search for packages if backend is known...
2012-11-06 Elad Alfassacnf: Fall back to MaxSearchTime=5000 if the config...
2012-11-06 Richard HughesDon't try to cancel the backend if it's not running...
2012-11-06 Richard Hugheszif: Don't try to cancel the backend if it's not running
2012-11-06 Richard Hughesglib: Check for failure to copy files when making a...
2012-11-06 Richard Hughesglib: Remove some unused code spotted by coverity
2012-11-06 Richard HughesCheck the return value of fcntl before spawning the...
2012-11-06 Richard HughesDo not divide by zero if all the time gradients are...
2012-11-06 Richard Hughescnf: Check for ctrl-d when the user selects a package...
2012-11-06 Richard Hugheszif: Remove an unused variable spotted by coverity
2012-11-06 Richard HughesAlways return the DBus error when input validation...
2012-11-05 Richard Hughesyum: Don't crash when resolving groups
2012-11-05 Richard Hughesyum: Use a the error NoPackagesToUpdate when there...
2012-11-05 Richard Hughesyum: Only emit the package list once when using WhatPro...
2012-11-05 Richard Hughesyum: Don't rely on a blacklist for RequireRestart
5 years ago PACKAGEKIT_0_8_5 Release 0.8.5
5 years ago PACKAGEKIT_0_8_4 Release 0.8.4
5 years ago PACKAGEKIT_0_7_6 Release 0.7.6
5 years ago PACKAGEKIT_0_8_3 Release 0.8.3
5 years ago PACKAGEKIT_0_8_2 Release 0.8.2
5 years ago PACKAGEKIT_0_7_5 Release 0.7.5
5 years ago PACKAGEKIT_0_8_1 Release 0.8.1
5 years ago PACKAGEKIT_0_7_4 Release 0.7.4
6 years ago PACKAGEKIT_0_6_22 Release 0.6.22
6 years ago PACKAGEKIT_0_7_3 Release 0.7.3
6 years ago PACKAGEKIT_0_7_2 Release 0.7.2
6 years ago PACKAGEKIT_0_6_21 Release 0.6.21
6 years ago PACKAGEKIT_0_6_20 Release 0.6.20
6 years ago PACKAGEKIT_0_7_1 Release 0.7.1
6 years ago PACKAGEKIT_0_6_19 Release 0.6.19
6 years ago PACKAGEKIT_0_7_0 Release 0.7.0
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