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2015-05-13 daniel watsonmove to master
2015-04-03 daniel watsonadd nut.scad to demonstrate use of nut-data.scad
2015-04-03 daniel watsonfix up some minor details in BOM
2015-04-03 daniel watsonadd 3d printed parts to BOM
2015-04-03 daniel watsonadd 9v battery and holder to BOM
2015-04-03 daniel watsonremove unused sections of deck and sonar holders
2015-04-03 daniel watsonstart scading the whole robot for printing
2015-04-03 daniel watsontake notes on successfully applying to maker faire
2015-04-01 daniel watsonnote ongoing class and new workshops on website
2015-04-01 daniel watsonverbosify gcode to make reviewing it easier
2015-03-24 daniel watsonenlarge wheel radius to avoid rubbing motor mount
2015-03-24 daniel watsonenlarge wheel's shaft screw hole
2015-03-24 daniel watsoncorrect settings for slic3r 1.2.5 to build gcode
2015-03-24 daniel watsonadd todo for copy-pastable in guide
2015-02-28 daniel watsonupdate upcoming classes to mention learnika
2015-02-28 Erina website for danny
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