last changeSun, 31 Aug 2014 14:18:36 +0000 (15:18 +0100)
2014-08-31 Charlie Harvey- BUG: Incorrect bounds error message and check for... master
2014-04-02 Charlie Harvey- Added a plain text API, as per Graham's suggestion...
2014-04-02 root- Added basic json API, for G to use.
2014-02-04 Charlie Harvey- Linkage to the unwrapper for users who are not logged in.
2014-02-02 Charlie Harvey- Added references to unwrap explanation
2014-02-02 Charlie Harvey- Quick tidyup of the unwrap footnotes
2014-02-02 Charlie Harvey- Added a redirect unwrapper tool which shows the chain...
2012-05-29 Charlie Harvey- Some tidying of Root controller
2012-04-23 Charlie Harvey- Corrected some typos on the about page. Sorry!
2012-04-23 Charlie Harvey- Added QR code view and test file for t. Not that...
2012-04-23 Charlie Harvey- Added QR code support to Root controller
2012-04-15 Charlie Harvey- Updated about page to link to git repository
2012-04-15 Charlie Harvey- First version comitted to git.
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