2012-09-06 Sebastian Küglercreate local and remote folder buttons, if needed plasmaclient
2012-09-05 Sebastian KüglerShow start daemon when necessary, use pathes from Direc...
2012-09-05 Sebastian Kügleradditions for standard pathes in DirectoryLister
2012-09-05 Sebastian Küglerupdate todo
2012-09-05 Sebastian Küglerquick setup mostly works now
2012-09-05 Sebastian Küglermore work on favorites
2012-09-05 Sebastian KüglerStart of favorites, more login workflow
2012-09-04 Sebastian KüglerStart setupwizard, normalize FadeAnimation
2012-09-04 Sebastian Küglerupdate TODO
2012-09-04 Sebastian Küglerwhitespace--
2012-09-04 Sebastian Küglerclean up a bit
2012-09-04 Sebastian KüglerFor the Plasmoid, use a Dialog to add a folder
2012-09-04 Sebastian Küglershow remote path in folder delegate
2012-09-04 Sebastian KüglerMake removing folders work
2012-09-03 Sebastian KüglerMore work on the add folder workflow
2012-09-03 Sebastian Küglerminijob poc works
2012-09-03 Sebastian Kügleradd jobs to build
2012-09-03 Sebastian Küglermake job accessible from owncloudsettings
2012-09-03 Sebastian Küglerbasic job classes
2012-09-03 Sebastian KüglerQML fake implementation of a job
2012-09-02 Sebastian KüglerStart reflow of add folder UI
2012-09-02 Sebastian KüglerFix resizing of kcm
2012-08-31 Sebastian Kügleradd folder button for settings module
2012-08-30 Sebastian Küglercode maintainance
2012-08-30 Sebastian Küglersmall todo update
2012-08-24 Sebastian KüglerRelayout folderdelegate, move add folder button down
2012-08-24 Sebastian KüglerMove package/ up one directory since it's shared
2012-08-24 Sebastian Küglerkill owncloudsettings statusMessage and errorMessage
2012-08-24 Sebastian Küglershow date in folder delegate
2012-08-24 Sebastian KüglerAdd setter for remotePollInterval
2012-08-24 Sebastian Küglersplit out folder delegate into own file
2012-08-24 Sebastian KüglerAdd last synced time to Folder
2012-08-24 Sebastian KüglerFix layout of settings module title
2012-08-23 Sebastian KüglerFix config module layout and kcmshell integration
2012-08-22 Sebastian Küglerplasmoid side of configuring ownCloud server, needs...
2012-08-22 Sebastian Küglerclean up a bit
2012-08-21 Sebastian KüglerAdding an owncloud setup in the daemon
2012-08-21 Sebastian KüglerError message for empty remote folder
2012-08-15 Sebastian Küglerfix ocinfo api
2012-08-15 Sebastian KüglerMove SslErrorDialog into Application sebas/merges
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerAdd a few notes, update todo
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerOwncloudFolder::localPath property, verifyFolder invokable
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerFolder creation workflow in Quick parts, a bit rough...
2012-08-14 Sebastian Kügleradditions for folder creation in dbus daemon
2012-08-14 Sebastian Kügleradditions for folder creation in dbus client
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerFilter for directory listing
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerMove local folder picker into CommonDialog
2012-08-14 Sebastian Küglerdon't show folder errors in system tray
2012-08-14 Sebastian Küglerimprove resizing of delegates
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglercurrentPath is now a property of the dirlister
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerDirectoryPicker, with a small C++ class to browse the...
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerAddSyncFolder is a new Item to set up a new sync
2012-08-14 Sebastian Küglerclient side for adding sync folders
2012-08-14 Sebastian Küglernew method in daemon to add folder to sync
2012-08-14 Sebastian Küglerfix visibility of error and button
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerBasic error handler
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerLoad the settings module into a KCM
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerSkeleton for system settings module
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerRemove unneeded ssl dialog include
2012-08-14 Sebastian Küglernotice nodaemonerror on startup
2012-08-14 Sebastian Küglersmall cleanup
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerTake no daemon running into account for globalStatus
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerUpdate popup icon when the global state changes
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerWatch for the service on the bus
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerStart owncloudsync on button press, constness
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerCorrectly show no daemon running, button to start
2012-08-14 Sebastian Küglerstatus and error machinery
2012-08-14 Sebastian Küglerstatus and error handling on owncloud instance
2012-08-14 Sebastian Küglerenable/disable folders now works
2012-08-14 Sebastian Küglershorter animations
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerFix up folder status
2012-08-14 Sebastian Küglerwarnings--
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerUnset OWNCLOUD_CLIENT for libowncloudsync
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerHook up Mirall::FolderMan
2012-08-14 Sebastian Küglerrename to owncloudsyncd, link in libowncloudsync
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerInstall libowncloudsync.so
2012-08-14 Sebastian Küglerfix counter
2012-08-14 Sebastian Küglerless chatty
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerSending folders and status over the wire now works
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerBasics for sync daemon
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerUI Fixes
2012-08-14 Sebastian Küglerfix popup, delay widget loading until init
2012-08-14 Sebastian Küglerfolder delegates get icons and enable/disable buttons
2012-08-14 Sebastian Küglerinvokabled for OwncloudFolder
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerEnums for status and error
2012-08-14 Sebastian Küglerfix licenses
2012-08-14 Sebastian Küglerspurious svg file
2012-08-14 Sebastian Küglermake folder list with fake data work
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerFolderList and various fixes to the folder model
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerShare C++ bits between plasmoid and active settings app
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerActive Settings module
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerLoad QML file from owncloud settings package
2012-08-14 Sebastian Küglerempty Plasmoid
2012-08-14 Sebastian KüglerMerge branch 'master' of git://gitorious.org/owncloud...
2012-08-14 Sebastian Küglerremove incompatible API, do not merge
2012-08-14 Klaas FreitagUpdate to version 1.0.5 with Changelog entry.
2012-08-14 Klaas FreitagFix setup dialog: Use https if checkbox is activated.
2012-08-14 Klaas FreitagMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:owncloud/mirall
2012-08-14 Jenkins for... [tx-robot] updated from transifex
2012-08-13 Klaas FreitagFatal error if svn2ico is missing.