Fix for bug #oc-1318, crash through accessing zero pointer.
[owncloud:sebas-mirall.git] / src /
2012-07-25 Klaas FreitagFix for bug #oc-1318, crash through accessing zero...
2012-07-20 Klaas FreitagUse a better inotify implementation and use config...
2012-07-20 Klaas FreitagCheck the system for inotify in cmake and use a config...
2012-07-20 Klaas FreitagMerge branch 'mirall-kde'
2012-07-20 Klaas Freitagemit folderChange after initial setup.
2012-07-18 Klaas FreitagFixed icon setup. Theme now really supports icons in...
2012-07-18 Klaas Freitagfixed overall sync state calculation for tray .
2012-07-17 Dominik SchmidtFix installation on all platforms + bundle on osx
2012-07-12 Klaas FreitagFix library build for windows, un-QOBJECTed the theme... mirall-kde
2012-07-10 Klaas Freitagremove the push atomar method call for csync.
2012-07-10 Klaas FreitagIsolate a library to add a dbus interface around.
2012-07-02 Klaas Freitagreplace URL by Link in user string
2012-06-26 Klaas FreitagUse absolute path function for directory comparison
2012-06-25 Klaas FreitagRemove csync db in case the local path gets removed.
2012-06-25 Klaas FreitagBetter protection against remote folder delete.
2012-06-22 Klaas FreitagFix a missing delete.
2012-06-22 Klaas Freitag- Add csync push atomar switch
2012-06-20 Klaas FreitagMerge branch 'master' of
2012-06-20 Klaas FreitagAlso clear error list in folders for the inotify case.
2012-06-20 Klaas FreitagClear error list on start of non local sync.
2012-06-18 Klaas FreitagFix a typo in ssl dialog
2012-06-18 Klaas FreitagFix translations loading under win32
2012-06-18 Klaas FreitagMacOS: Move translations to the right place
2012-06-18 Klaas FreitagLoad translations correctly.
2012-06-18 Klaas FreitagInstall i18n files in MacOS installer
2012-06-18 Klaas FreitagSimplified LogBrowser
2012-06-18 Klaas FreitagSome more usefull debug output
2012-06-15 Klaas FreitagAdded --help option with output
2012-06-15 Klaas FreitagLog to file added, with flush option
2012-06-15 Klaas FreitagRejecting the SSL dialog means untrusting.
2012-06-15 Klaas FreitagFixed wording in setup assistant
2012-06-15 Klaas FreitagImproved some grammar based on Matts proposals.
2012-06-13 Klaas FreitagMore encoding fixes to make win32 with special chars...
2012-06-13 Klaas Freitaguse UTF-8 encoding in the settings file.
2012-06-13 Klaas Freitagstore the custom config for each reply object.
2012-06-13 Klaas Freitagmake ssldialog aware of custom configs.
2012-06-13 Klaas FreitagFixed removeAllFolders: Terminate running syncs before...
2012-06-13 Klaas FreitagUse UTF8 to read password and username rather than...
2012-06-12 Klaas FreitagMake setup wizard really cancel if user clicks cancel...
2012-06-12 Klaas FreitagAdded method to drop all sync folder definitions.
2012-06-12 Klaas Freitagonly restart folderman if the setup wizard was closed...
2012-06-12 Klaas FreitagAdded ability to work with the custom config file.
2012-06-12 Klaas FreitagAdded ability to work with a custom config file differe...
2012-06-11 Klaas FreitagMerge branch 'extlogging'
2012-06-11 Klaas FreitagWipe the csync statedb after a sync definition is removed. extlogging
2012-06-10 Georg Ehrkefix spelling of password
2012-06-05 Klaas FreitagProvide proper return value for getauth
2012-06-05 Klaas FreitagFix csync log encoding
2012-06-05 Klaas Freitag- created setupLogBrowser method in application
2012-06-05 Klaas FreitagAdded a window for log output.
2012-06-04 Klaas FreitagMake krazy2 build target optional if krazy is installed.
2012-05-26 Klaas FreitagRead poll timer settings from config file.
2012-05-26 Klaas FreitagFix win32 build again.
2012-05-21 Dominik SchmidtAdd krazy target
2012-05-21 Klaas FreitagA lot of krazy2 (codechecker) fixes.
2012-05-16 Klaas Freitagfix exclude.lst reading on MacOSX
2012-05-16 Klaas FreitagFind exclude.lst under MacOS
2012-05-16 Klaas FreitagAdd system info to updatedetector on Linux.
2012-05-16 Klaas FreitagFix QDesktopServices::openURL for Win32, Qt bug.
2012-05-16 Klaas FreitagFix open the local folder action on Win32, workarounded...
2012-05-15 Klaas FreitagAdded open ownCloud action to tray menu
2012-05-15 Klaas FreitagUse pause and resume instead of enable and disable
2012-05-15 Klaas FreitagPush status window to front if you click on tray icon.
2012-05-15 Klaas FreitagMerge branch 'master' of
2012-05-14 Klaas FreitagEnhanced version parsing from status.php
2012-05-14 Klaas Freitagsimplified url assembly for folderman.
2012-05-14 Klaas FreitagFix tray tooltip again
2012-05-14 Klaas FreitagFix try message for disabled folders.
2012-05-14 Klaas FreitagIf a sync folder is removed, terminate if its currently...
2012-05-11 Klaas FreitagFix icon install again, renaming.
2012-05-11 Klaas FreitagFix icon install.
2012-05-11 Klaas FreitagInstall both application icons
2012-05-11 Klaas FreitagMerge branch 'master' of
2012-05-11 Klaas Freitagwrite version set in VERSION.cmake to version.h
2012-05-11 Klaas Freitaguse QLatin1String rather than QString::from...
2012-05-11 Klaas Freitagmore useful debug output with network reply.
2012-05-11 Klaas Freitagadded a debug line without WIN32 marker.
2012-05-02 Klaas FreitagUse the correct icon for sync ok
2012-05-02 Klaas Freitagset owncloud compile flag for mac osx
2012-05-02 Klaas FreitagDisplay a proper tray icon at app startup
2012-05-02 Klaas FreitagFix the app icon to be ownclouds
2012-05-02 Klaas FreitagFixed theming: Made a mirall and a ownCloud icon theme...
2012-05-02 Klaas FreitagMake OWNCLOUD_CLIENT compile flag depending on the...
2012-05-02 Klaas FreitagFixed encoding issue: Do not double encode.
2012-04-30 Klaas Freitag- Added an open status entry into the tray menu
2012-04-30 Klaas FreitagAllow to interrupt running sync task, incl. some cleanups.
2012-04-23 Klaas FreitagAdd a win32 debug line to CMakeLists
2012-04-23 Klaas FreitagAdd proper error message if the owncloud module could...
2012-04-21 Thomas MüllerBackport to Qt 4.6 finished - test against a local...
2012-04-21 Klaas FreitagRemoved unsused variable
2012-04-21 Klaas FreitagFix missing return values for bool functions.
2012-04-21 Klaas FreitagFix tray context menu after a folder has been added...
2012-04-21 Klaas Freitaginitialize polltimercnt with one lower than exceed...
2012-04-21 Klaas Freitaginitialize sync status correctly.
2012-04-21 Klaas FreitagImproved startup logging with version and lang
2012-04-20 Thomas Müllercontinue backport Qt 4.6: place holder text was introdu...
2012-04-20 Thomas Müllerimplement MKCOL with QHttp to make it work with Qt 4.6
2012-04-20 Klaas FreitagFix QApp contructor singature
2012-04-18 Klaas FreitagMerge branch 'master' of
2012-04-18 Klaas FreitagTranslation and wording fixes.