Fix for bug #oc-1318, crash through accessing zero pointer.
[owncloud:sebas-mirall.git] / cmake /
2012-07-20 Klaas FreitagCheck the system for inotify in cmake and use a config...
2012-07-20 Klaas FreitagMerge branch 'mirall-kde'
2012-07-18 Klaas FreitagAdd sync.dll to Windows bundler.
2012-06-20 Klaas FreitagMerge branch 'master' of
2012-06-18 Thomas Muellersecond possible header name added
2012-06-18 Thomas Muelleradded HINTS to a path which can be specified via a...
2012-05-15 Klaas FreitagMerge branch 'master' of
2012-05-02 Klaas FreitagFix the app icon to be ownclouds
2012-04-26 Dominik Schmidtwin: allow building the installer from local csync...
2012-04-26 Dominik Schmidtwin: remove klaasi haasi's harcoded paths from the nsi
2012-04-26 Dominik Schmidtwin: copy exclude.lst from correct location into the...
2012-04-21 Klaas FreitagAdd missing GNUInstallDirs module for cmake.
2012-04-18 Klaas FreitagMerge branch 'master' of
2012-04-18 Klaas FreitagHandle translation files correct.
2012-04-17 Klaas Freitagadded crypto dlls for windows package
2012-04-16 Dominik SchmidtMake it buildable as bundle on OSX
2012-04-14 Dominik SchmidtTry some stuff with FindCsync.cmake
2012-04-02 Klaas FreitagAdd win32 packaging with nsi
2012-03-14 Klaas FreitagBuilt a portable version of FindCSync that finds dev...
2012-03-12 Klaas Freitagadd a path hint for the locally built version of csync...
2012-03-08 Klaas FreitagAdd a hint to find the development time csync libs...
2011-04-07 Duncan Mac-Vicar Pg