last changeThu, 23 Aug 2012 15:09:05 +0000 (17:09 +0200)
2012-08-23 David A. VelascoAdded notification for failures in manual synchronizati... master
2012-08-23 David A. VelascoGranted update of file list view after removing the...
2012-08-22 Bartek Przybylskiproper reinitialize of service
2012-08-22 Bartek Przybylskicomplete two way synchronization
2012-08-22 David A. VelascoVersion number updated
2012-08-22 David A. VelascoFixing rare crashes in the login page
2012-08-22 David A. VelascoFixed crash when sending nothing to the Uploader activi...
2012-08-22 David A. VelascoLocal files are protected against removal because of...
2012-08-22 David A. VelascoUpdated default timeout for data
2012-08-22 David A. VelascoMore robust instant photo uploads
2012-08-21 David A. VelascoAdded link to register new user in landscape view
2012-08-20 David A. VelascoAdded link to register a new user at ...
2012-08-18 Bartek Przybylskiupdate image when list element is touched
2012-08-17 David A. VelascoFixing setting of socket timeout in HTTPS connections
2012-08-17 David A. VelascoChanged value for default timeouts
2012-08-16 David A. VelascoRefactoring of WebdavClient creation and setup
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