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2012-03-23 Nils Jansenadded correct breadcrumb and cleaned up code master
2012-03-23 Nils Jansenremoved comments
2012-03-23 Nils Jansenthis is the sgf-viewer app for go enthusiasts
2012-02-20 Thomas Muellermigrated from private repo
2012-02-10 Frank Karlitschekan example app that can be used as a template for writi...
2012-02-03 MortalUpgrading version number
2012-02-03 Mortalcarddav.php returned invalid XML (leading blank line...
2012-02-02 MortalSlight correction of code
2012-02-02 MortalMerge branch 'master' of
2012-02-02 MortalIntegration of Emil Ă–sterlund patch (adding log through...
2012-01-27 Manuel DelgadoAdd user_ldap_ext app: Allows LDAP user authentication...
2012-01-27 MortalAdd user_pwauth apps (allows Unix user authentication)
2011-11-06 Frank Karlitschekfix App name
2011-10-23 Jakob SackWe use the common ownCloud log feature so there is...
2011-10-23 Jakob SackBackgroundjobs - with readme ;-)
2011-10-22 Frank Karlitschekadd an kolab integration app. you can show the kolab...
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