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2010-03-04 Evan ProdromouPubSubHubBub -> PubSubHubbub
2010-03-04 Evan Prodromoufirst draft ostatus1.0draft1
2010-03-04 Evan Prodromouadd an abstract change notice to update
2010-03-04 Evan Prodromoufix initials for authors and georss reference
2010-03-04 Evan ProdromouMore references
2010-03-03 Evan Prodromouadd references for PuSH, ActivityStreams, Salmon, PoCo
2010-03-03 Evan Prodromouignore output files, backup files
2010-03-02 Evan ProdromouReformat ostatus10.txt as an RFC
2010-03-02 Evan Prodromouremove other specs
2010-03-02 Evan Prodromoumove omb09.txt to ostatus10.txt
2010-01-05 Evan Prodromouadd activity streams info, WebFinger discovery, and...
2010-01-05 Evan ProdromouAdd omb09 notes
2009-04-02 Evan Prodromouadd note about scope
2009-02-12 Evan Prodromoufix formatting of numbered list
2009-01-31 Evan ProdromouAdd the OICU2 protocol specification
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