last changeThu, 10 Sep 2009 15:15:56 +0000 (17:15 +0200)
2009-09-10 Mark Jaroskifix dependancy master
2009-06-17 Mark Jaroskiadd boundary relations to new version of osmarender
2009-06-17 Mark Jaroskiupgrade osmarender from upstream
2009-06-16 Mark Jaroskisplit local changes out to ease tracking upstream version
2009-05-24 Mark Jaroskifixed bug with "do" icons and areaSymbol
2009-05-23 Mark Jaroskirun inkscape in the background to prevent memory crashes
2009-05-22 Mark Jaroskifixed broken getval macro
2009-05-22 Mark Jaroskiimproved readability of getval macro
2009-05-22 Mark Jaroskifix bug with svgz generation
2009-05-22 Mark Jaroskifixed a bug with calculating height and width, switched...
2009-05-22 Mark JaroskiAdded a layer for an unmatched listings warning box.
2009-05-20 Mark JaroskiAdd a configuration option for relid, to avoid using...
2009-05-20 Mark JaroskiImproved warning target
2009-05-19 Mark Jaroskiadd areaSymbols
2009-05-18 Mark JaroskiMade adjustment of fonts and way widths much easier
2009-05-14 Mark Jaroskiadded some more documentation, cleaned up a bit more
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