last changeMon, 23 Mar 2009 12:37:55 +0000 (18:07 +0530)
2009-03-23 PrashanthWhen trying to retrive objects based on version guid... master
2009-03-23 PrashanthWhen the fields of the osis view are retrived
2009-03-18 Nicolas TrangezFix typo in setup() call
2009-03-12 Nicolas TrangezImplement/enhance model equality testing
2009-03-12 Nicolas TrangezSome coding improvements
2009-03-11 Nicolas TrangezMove PyMonkey logging bridge inside a function
2009-03-11 Nicolas TrangezFix PyMonkey enumeration support in YAML serializer
2009-03-10 Nicolas TrangezRun testsuite with both optimized and native Thrift...
2009-03-10 Nicolas TrangezFix YAML serializer
2009-03-10 Nicolas TrangezGenerate every TestCase for each supported serializer
2009-03-09 Nicolas TrangezFix list serialization bug
2009-03-06 Nicolas TrangezAdd simple
2009-03-06 Nicolas TrangezIgnore some more files
2009-03-06 Nicolas TrangezImplement object version retrieval in transport layer
2009-03-03 Nicolas TrangezPort Applicationserver service to latest tasklet API
2009-03-03 Nicolas TrangezCreate logger before using it
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