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2013-12-10 Youna LeeReviesed osgAndroid core files master
2013-12-10 Youna LeeUpdated osgAndroid core
2013-12-10 osgGapUpdate osgAndroid for osgGap development
2013-02-09 Rafael GaitanAdded to the more static libraries including...
2012-09-06 Rafael GaitanFixed bug in Matrix constructor, a parameter was incorr...
2012-09-06 Rafael GaitanSpotted by Jan Ciger: syntax error in org.openscenegrap...
2012-09-05 Rafael GaitanInitialize matrices in the constructor of the osgcamera...
2012-09-05 Rafael GaitanRemoved comments
2012-09-05 Rafael GaitanFixed bug in pre/post multiplication of matrices
2012-08-30 Rafael Gaitanfixed osgjni with models without a MatrixTransform...
2012-08-30 Rafael GaitanFixed LICENSE
2012-08-30 Rafael GaitanAdded contributor
2012-08-29 Rafael Gaitanadded License and changed
2012-08-29 Rafael GaitanImported initial version of osgAndroid
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