last changeFri, 4 Nov 2011 13:02:13 +0000 (14:02 +0100)
2011-11-04 Alex Benneemerge some code from Alex Bennee master
2011-11-04 Bernhard M... add yast2 users test for opensuse
2011-11-03 Alex BenneePrompt user to read INSTALL file on missing
2011-11-03 Bernhard M... allow to emulate different qemu graphics
2011-11-03 Dominik HeidlerAdded OCR Test Result checking
2011-10-27 Bernhard M... write file
2011-10-27 Bernhard M... add test for yast2 -i
2011-10-19 Bernhard M... added grepimg script
2011-10-19 Bernhard M... fix checkrefimgs with bad ppm
2011-10-17 Bernhard M... add extra X11 test
2011-10-17 Bernhard M... re-use openSUSE's
2011-10-17 Bernhard M... use text mode for bootloader
2011-10-17 Bernhard M... Debian test updates
2011-10-12 Bernhard M... start kvm with nowait
2011-10-12 Bernhard M... dont require kvm for vbox tests
2011-10-11 Bernhard M... add extra hash regions for 1024x768
6 years ago v1.0.0 OS-autoinst release version 1.0
6 years ago master