Fix closing calc without save
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2013-06-18 Stephan Kulowfix mirror handling
2013-02-25 Christopher HofmannIntroducing UEFI option.
2013-01-23 Martin VidnerUpdated the docs about getting started
2012-11-13 Tomáš ChvátalUse ENV{CASEDIR} everywhere to reduce code footprint...
2012-06-18 Tomáš ChvátalAllow custom casedir to not run per-distro cases.
2011-11-08 Bernhard M. Wiedemannfix typo
2010-07-11 Bernhard M. Wiedemannadd NICEVIDEO flag
2010-06-24 Bernhard M. Wiedemannsplit out gnome tests
2010-06-17 Bernhard M. Wiedemannadd LVM support
2010-06-15 Bernhard M. Wiedemannadd support for all languages
2010-05-26 Bernhard M. Wiedemannadd DESKTOP= env
2010-05-26 Bernhard M. Wiedemannallow to run tests in parallel
2010-05-26 Bernhard M. Wiedemanncode cleanup part1