xfce: log interesting packages to a separate file
[os-autoinst:os-autoinst.git] / INSTALL
2013-01-23 Dominik Heidleradd C based PPM backend for openCV fuzzy matching
2013-01-23 Martin VidnerUpdated the docs about getting started
2013-01-16 Dominik Heidleruse new color_check function
2012-12-27 Bernhard M. Wiedemanncheckin of some kvm2usb code
2012-11-15 Bernhard M. Wiedemannmake BACKEND dynamic
2012-04-15 Manu Guptaupdate INSTALL file for VirtualBox
2011-12-01 Dominik HeidlerAdded Mouse based Tests
2011-08-12 Bernhard M. Wiedemannfix stopcapture call
2011-08-10 Dominik Heidleradd soundcard test stuff
2010-10-18 Bernhard M. Wiedemannsuse fixes+updates
2010-06-15 Bernhard M. Wiedemannupdate docs ; always disable aria2c on NETinst
2010-05-26 Bernhard M. Wiedemannallow to run tests in parallel
2010-05-26 Bernhard M. Wiedemanncode cleanup part1
2010-05-23 Bernhard M. Wiedemanndocumentation update
2010-05-23 Bernhard M. Wiedemannfurther work towards letting this work on other systems