fix and use set_hash_rects
[os-autoinst:os-autoinst.git] / inst /
2010-06-15 Bernhard M. Wiedemannfix and use set_hash_rects
2010-06-15 Bernhard M. Wiedemannadd support for all languages
2010-06-14 Bernhard M. Wiedemannwork around mouse problem
2010-06-13 Bernhard M. Wiedemannadjust to current GNOME/mouse changes
2010-06-04 Bernhard M. Wiedemannallow to use qemu
2010-06-01 Bernhard M. WiedemannGNOME+other updates
2010-05-27 Bernhard M. Wiedemannspeed up install part in video
2010-05-27 Bernhard M. Wiedemannincrease livecd installation timeout for slower VM...
2010-05-25 Bernhard M. Wiedemannfix DVD (does no reboot-popup)
2010-05-20 Bernhard M. Wiedemannadaptions to current NET inst
2010-05-20 Bernhard M. Wiedemannmore OCR + tuning
2010-05-18 Bernhard M. Wiedemannadd OCR
2010-05-18 Bernhard M. Wiedemannuse regexp for waitinststage
2010-05-11 Bernhard M. Wiedemannavoid video in 640x480
2010-05-08 Bernhard M. Wiedemannvarious fine-tuning
2010-05-08 Bernhard M. Wiedemannuse inststage detector
2010-04-30 Bernhard M. Wiedemannfix livecd reboot
2010-04-29 Bernhard M. Wiedemannbetter liveCD support