update signatures for NET-Build0674
[os-autoinst:os-autoinst.git] / goodimage.pm
2010-06-15 Bernhard M. Wiedemannupdate signatures for NET-Build0674
2010-06-13 Bernhard M. Wiedemannadjust to current GNOME/mouse changes
2010-06-08 Bernhard M. Wiedemannsmoothed XFCE test
2010-06-05 Bernhard M. Wiedemannadd 11.2-dvd/net signatures
2010-06-01 Bernhard M. WiedemannGNOME+other updates
2010-05-31 Bernhard M. Wiedemannvarious additions
2010-05-27 Bernhard M. Wiedemannmore alternative desktop code
2010-05-26 Bernhard M. Wiedemanncode cleanup part1
2010-05-23 Bernhard M. Wiedemannmake independent from iso mirror path
2010-05-21 Bernhard M. WiedemannKDE 11.3 theme update
2010-05-20 Bernhard M. Wiedemannadaptions to current NET inst
2010-05-20 Bernhard M. Wiedemannmore OCR + tuning
2010-05-18 Bernhard M. Wiedemannuse regexp for waitinststage
2010-05-15 Bernhard M. Wiedemannadd application testing
2010-05-13 Bernhard M. Wiedemannfix instability, add CPU usage
2010-05-09 Bernhard M. Wiedemannrehash inststage md5
2010-05-09 Bernhard M. Wiedemannfix bootloader with INSTLANG=de
2010-05-08 Bernhard M. Wiedemannvarious fine-tuning
2010-05-08 Bernhard M. Wiedemannuse inststage detector
2010-05-02 Bernhard M. Wiedemannppm work; +inst-stage detection
2010-04-30 Bernhard M. Wiedemannfix livecd reboot
2010-04-29 Bernhard M. Wiedemanncache rpms ; fix livecds
2010-04-29 Bernhard M. Wiedemannbetter liveCD support
2010-04-27 Bernhard M. Wiedemannadd diag messages. +other fixes
2010-04-26 Bernhard M. Wiedemannadjust auto-testing for core i7 lenny server