2013-01-28 Dominik Heidlerfix testresults dir bug
2013-01-28 Bernhard M... xfce: log interesting packages to a separate file
2013-01-28 Guido Berhoersteradd xfce + application tests
2013-01-28 Dominik Heidlergive isolinux enough time on hardware tests
2013-01-28 Dominik Heidleradd openCV image template matching
2013-01-28 Dominik HeidlerEnsure 115200 Baud on serial tty
2013-01-28 Dominik Heidlerincrease the checkresult speed by casing sleep
2013-01-28 Dominik Heidlermove to new refimg naming scheme
2013-01-28 Dominik Heidleruse more portable iso path regex
2013-01-23 Dominik Heidlernew module started message
2013-01-23 Dominik Heidlerkill old dd-processes blocking the serial tty
2013-01-23 Dominik Heidlerless debug for scankeys
2013-01-23 Dominik Heidleradd C based PPM backend for openCV fuzzy matching
2013-01-23 Martin VidnerUpdated the docs about getting started
2013-01-22 Bernhard M... add autoyast waiting after install
2013-01-21 Bernhard M... first working autoyast test
2013-01-16 Dominik Heidleruse new color_check function
2013-01-09 Bernhard M... update EC2 repo URL
2013-01-09 Bernhard M... fix symlink creation for virtual disks
2013-01-07 Bernhard M... general checkin of kvm2usb code
2012-12-28 Bernhard M... general checkin
2012-12-27 Bernhard M... checkin of some kvm2usb code
2012-12-27 Bernhard M... add SLES tests
2012-12-27 Bernhard M... SLE test changes
2012-12-07 Bernhard M... ppm: use different search code
2012-12-07 Dominik Heidlerdrop useless mtab test for SLE
2012-12-07 Bernhard M... cleanup mouse functions
2012-12-06 Dominik Heidlerproper backend class naming
2012-12-06 Bernhard M... move backends to folder
2012-11-22 Bernhard M... workaround Inline::C problem
2012-11-22 Bernhard M... add ppm::avgcolor; use optional Inline::C to speed...
2012-11-22 Bernhard M... avoid warning
2012-11-15 Bernhard M... make BACKEND dynamic
2012-11-14 Bernhard M... don't use as big threshold for isosize warning
2012-11-14 Bernhard M... test sysvinit
2012-11-14 Bernhard M... split off LVM and splitusr code
2012-11-14 Bernhard M... add support for crypted LVM
2012-11-14 Bernhard M... general cleanup and update
2012-11-13 Tomáš ChvátalUse ENV{CASEDIR} everywhere to reduce code footprint...
2012-11-09 Tomáš ChvátalAdd missing file.
2012-11-09 Tomáš ChvátalFix sanity checks
2012-11-09 Tomáš ChvátalFew runtime issues permissions/argument passing/etc.
2012-06-18 Tomáš ChvátalAllow custom casedir to not run per-distro cases.
2012-05-13 Bernhard M... use OCR to recognize software conflicts
2012-05-13 Bernhard M... improve debian test timings
2012-04-15 Tomáš ChvátalUse libexecdir and do not depend on runtime deps
2012-04-15 Manu Guptaupdate INSTALL file for VirtualBox
2012-04-15 Bernhard M... drop sync
2012-03-01 Bernhard M... set version to 1.1.0
2012-03-01 Tomáš ChvátalIntroduce simple autotools buildsystem.
2012-02-10 Bernhard M... fix sshd insserv
2012-02-06 Bernhard M... update archlinux tests
2012-01-30 Bernhard M... improve zypper dup logic
2012-01-27 Bernhard M... disable firewall ; enable sshd
2012-01-06 Bernhard M... add zypper test on fedora-16
2012-01-06 Bernhard M... adjust for random order of fedora dialogs
2012-01-05 Bernhard M... smoothening fedora-16 support
2011-12-31 Bernhard M... fedora-16 adaptions
2011-12-31 Bernhard M... don't try to make video without images
2011-12-21 Bernhard M... add more debian tests
2011-12-14 Dominik Heidlerfix error msgs when running checklog
2011-12-11 Bernhard M... add wavcapture support for vbox
2011-12-08 Bernhard M... cleanup archlinux
2011-12-07 Bernhard M... make Bresenham module optional
2011-12-07 Dominik Heidleradd archlinux support
2011-12-07 Dominik Heidleradd ocrcheck output view
2011-12-07 Bernhard M... update SLE11 tests
2011-12-01 Bernhard M... avoid ffmpeg2theora segfault by resizing+padding
2011-12-01 Dominik HeidlerAdded Mouse based Tests
2011-12-01 Bernhard M... use machine-readable datetime format
2011-11-22 Alex Benneetools/isotovideo: more logging
2011-11-22 Alex Benneetools/isovideo: Don't attempt to collect buildid if...
2011-11-08 Bernhard M... fix typo
2011-11-04 Alex Benneemerge some code from Alex Bennee
2011-11-04 Bernhard M... add yast2 users test for opensuse
2011-11-03 Alex BenneePrompt user to read INSTALL file on missing env.sh
2011-11-03 Bernhard M... allow to emulate different qemu graphics
2011-11-03 Dominik HeidlerAdded OCR Test Result checking
2011-10-27 Bernhard M... write os-autoinst.pid file
2011-10-27 Bernhard M... add test for yast2 -i
2011-10-19 Bernhard M... added grepimg script
2011-10-19 Bernhard M... fix checkrefimgs with bad ppm
2011-10-17 Bernhard M... add extra X11 test
2011-10-17 Bernhard M... re-use openSUSE's welcome.pm
2011-10-17 Bernhard M... use text mode for bootloader
2011-10-17 Bernhard M... Debian test updates
2011-10-12 Bernhard M... start kvm with nowait
2011-10-12 Bernhard M... dont require kvm for vbox tests
2011-10-11 Bernhard M... add extra hash regions for 1024x768
2011-09-29 Bernhard M... support ncurses text install v1.0.0
2011-09-29 Bernhard M... create all VirtualBox stubs
2011-09-28 Bernhard M... improve VirtualBox support
2011-09-27 Bernhard M... first working VirtualBox backend
2011-09-27 Bernhard M... split qemu-specific code
2011-09-26 Bernhard M... use waitstillimage
2011-09-26 Bernhard M... update debian tests
2011-09-26 Bernhard M... add waitstillimage function
2011-09-26 Bernhard M... add random reboot after install
2011-09-22 Bernhard M... use tty4 for consoletests
2011-09-19 Bernhard M... adaptions to allow testing of tumbleweed