readd scale, but enlarge smaller images
[os-autoinst:os-autoinst.git] / ppmclibs / tinycv.h
2013-05-02 Stephan Kulowreadd scale, but enlarge smaller images
2013-05-02 Alberto PlanasClean image_search, using the search_TEMPLATE function
2013-05-02 Alberto PlanasAdd image_scale and image_similarity signatures.
2013-05-02 Alberto PlanasAdd image_differ and image_avgcolor functions.
2013-05-02 Stephan Kulowadd a destroy function, helps to survive
2013-05-02 Stephan Kulowmove (most of) ppm usage to opencv functions
2013-01-28 Dominik Heidleradd openCV image template matching
2013-01-23 Dominik Heidleradd C based PPM backend for openCV fuzzy matching