better support .ppm.gz files
[os-autoinst:opensuse.git] / www / cgi-bin / cropimg
2012-09-24 Bernhard M. Wiedemannbetter support .ppm.gz files
2012-09-24 Bernhard M. Wiedemanndefine resultdir in one place
2012-02-28 Dominik Heidlermove webui to /usr/share, replace hardcoded paths
2011-12-01 Dominik Heidlermajor cleanup + rewrite with MicroTemplate
2011-09-05 Bernhard M. WiedemannAdd tdata and livelog
2011-06-09 Bernhard M. Wiedemanngeneralize for non-openSUSE projects
2011-03-01 Bernhard M. Wiedemanncode cleanup
2011-03-01 Bernhard M. Wiedemannfix indentation tabs
2011-03-01 Dominik Heidleradd dynamic part of cropper CGIs