2013-01-17 Dominik Heidlerfix apache symlink problems
2013-01-17 Dominik Heidleradd new buildview
2013-01-17 Dominik Heidleradd (hw-)backend auto-selector
2013-01-17 Dominik Heidleradd some helper targets to makefile
2013-01-17 Bernhard M... stabilize regex
2013-01-17 Dominik Heidleradd bento css fix
2013-01-17 Dominik Heidleradd missing config entry
2013-01-07 Dominik Heidlerwebui update for nicer live viewer
2013-01-07 Dominik Heidleradd unpack_iso tool to make repos from isos
2012-11-15 Bernhard M... scale running to 800x600 ; nicer buildview
2012-11-15 Bernhard M... update apparmor profiles
2012-11-15 Bernhard M... move env.sh
2012-11-15 Bernhard M... remove absolute lib-paths from CGIs - use FindBin
2012-11-15 Bernhard M... add missing image
2012-11-14 Bernhard M... add buildview links in results overview
2012-11-14 Bernhard M... fix livelog scrolling in chromium
2012-10-08 Bernhard M... fix error on empty schedule.d
2012-10-02 Bernhard M... buildview: cleanup obsolete code
2012-09-24 Bernhard M... better support .ppm.gz files
2012-09-24 Bernhard M... define resultdir in one place
2012-09-24 Bernhard M... show scheduled tests
2012-09-22 Bernhard M... add webui to schedule tests
2012-09-22 Bernhard M... allow for scheduled builds
2012-09-22 Bernhard M... add buildview
2012-09-17 Bernhard M... add new test variants
2012-07-12 Bernhard M... better support .ppm.gz
2012-04-11 Yifanupdate rootsetup.sh: livelog requires JSON
2012-02-28 Bernhard M... fix isotovideo3
2012-02-28 Bernhard M... allow http Indexes
2012-02-28 Dominik Heidleradd common env.sh
2012-02-28 Dominik Heidlermove webui to /usr/share, replace hardcoded paths
2012-02-28 Dominik Heidlerinclude bento theme
2012-02-27 Bernhard M... fix permission for tools/rootsetup.sh
2012-02-24 Bernhard M... don't use absolute path in Makefile for withlock
2012-02-23 Dominik Heidlerdon't use absolute path, as withlock is in $PATH
2012-02-17 Dominik Heidleradd start/stop feature for running tests
2012-02-09 Bernhard M... add autoinstctl
2012-02-07 Dominik Heidlerview md5sum of screenshot in webui
2012-02-07 Bernhard M... extend .gitignore
2012-02-07 Bernhard M... general update
2011-12-21 Dominik Heidlermake source-code of modules readable in chrome
2011-12-21 Dominik Heidlermake module list on the running-page shiny
2011-12-14 Bernhard M... remove buildnr line from isotovideo3
2011-12-09 Dominik Heidleradd missing logo
2011-12-09 Dominik Heidlerfix hardcoded basedir
2011-12-07 Dominik Heidleradd archlinux support
2011-12-07 Dominik Heidleradd system for static pages
2011-12-02 Bernhard M... update apparmor profiles
2011-12-02 Dominik Heidleradded disk img download (from backlog)
2011-12-01 Dominik Heidleruse unix timestamp for testtime
2011-12-01 Dominik Heidlercleanup openqa cgi module
2011-12-01 Dominik Heidlermajor cleanup + rewrite with MicroTemplate
2011-11-14 Dominik HeidlerAdded UI for Clickimg and Waitimg
2011-11-14 Dominik HeidlerAdd 'none' msg to refimg audio box, cleanup code
2011-11-14 Dominik HeidlerNicer tdata UI
2011-11-14 Dominik HeidlerPrepared UI for Clickimg and OCR
2011-11-09 Bernhard M... support .ppm.gz
2011-10-17 Bernhard M... add debian-testing and changedb
2011-09-21 Bernhard M... also support manual pool dir
2011-09-19 Bernhard M... add various new tests to scheduler
2011-09-07 Dominik HeidlerImprove running-ui
2011-09-07 Dominik HeidlerAdd module-list to running
2011-09-07 Dominik HeidlerHide empty refimg list in viewimg
2011-09-07 Dominik HeidlerHide the Recent-Issues-Box a bit
2011-09-05 Bernhard M... fix livelog with mod_deflate
2011-09-05 Bernhard M... Add list of refimgs to viewimg
2011-09-05 Bernhard M... Add tdata and livelog
2011-08-26 Dominik Heidler- Increase performance by using only one imagemagick...
2011-08-24 Bernhard M... add download link for logs
2011-08-24 Bernhard M... add uploadlog CGI to retain VM log/info
2011-08-23 Bernhard M... add online viewer for test module code
2011-08-16 Bernhard M... minor fixes and cleanup
2011-08-16 Dominik Heidleradd M-JPEG live viewing of testruns
2011-07-29 Dominik Heidler- add soundcard test stuff
2011-06-30 Bernhard M... add ignore function
2011-06-30 Bernhard M... update
2011-06-09 Bernhard M... generalize for non-openSUSE projects
2011-03-02 Dominik Heidlerlink to reference images for tests
2011-03-01 Bernhard M... code cleanup
2011-03-01 Bernhard M... code cleanup
2011-03-01 Bernhard M... openQA.o.o integration
2011-03-01 Bernhard M... fix indentation tabs
2011-03-01 Dominik Heidleradd dynamic part of cropper CGIs
2011-03-01 Bernhard M... update static content
2011-03-01 Dominik Heidleradd static content ; add nicer crop+zoom
2011-03-01 Bernhard M... use jpg CGI for all img conversions
2011-02-25 Bernhard M... general checkin
2011-02-04 Bernhard M... add more setup
2011-02-03 Dominik Heidleradded setup script
2011-02-03 Bernhard M... include -gnome tests in newvideos
2011-02-01 Bernhard M... UI design overhaul
2011-02-01 Bernhard M... fixed and updated tests
2011-02-01 Bernhard M... add mozmill test scheduling
2011-01-26 Bernhard M... general checkin
2011-01-26 Bernhard M... knownissues + HTML updates
2011-01-21 Bernhard M... apparmor updates with new HDD/SSD
2011-01-21 Bernhard M... do ping when not boring
2011-01-21 Bernhard M... use #opensuse-openqa channel; do auto-reconnect
2011-01-21 Bernhard M... schedule automatic live and dup tests
2011-01-20 Bernhard M... add sntp test