last changeSat, 26 Apr 2014 08:08:45 +0000 (10:08 +0200)
2014-04-26 Peter Soetenstypes: removed wrong assert statements in SequenceTypeI... master toolchain-2.7
2014-04-25 Peter Soetenstypes: cleanup Sequence composition code
2014-04-25 Ruben Smitscorba: update corba to fit in with the new-old event api
2014-04-24 Ruben Smitstests: bring corba tests in sync with latest connpolicy...
2014-04-24 Peter Soetensfiledescriptoractivity: fix bug in start()
2014-04-24 Peter Soetensproperties: fix decomposition of enums in structs.
2014-04-24 Peter Soetensscripting: support responding to peer event operations
2014-04-24 Scott K LoganBetter detection of xpath usage
2014-04-24 Johannes MeyerFixed memory leak in RTT::PropertyBag::copyProperties()
2014-04-24 Johannes MeyerFixed PropertyBag's reference semantic and added Proper...
2014-04-24 Johannes Meyerrtt: fixed handling of owned properties in assignment...
2014-04-24 Sylvain Joyeuxtypes: move ConnFactoryPtr in the types namespace ...
2014-04-23 Peter Soetensscripting: also allow global-to-global event transitions
2014-04-23 Peter Soetensscripting: fix crash in StateMachine when doing global...
2014-04-23 Peter Soetenstypes: regroup the TypeInfo headers to reduce dependencies.
2014-04-23 Peter Soetensports: store actual connpolicy object instead of defaul...
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