last changeTue, 16 Jul 2013 14:56:46 +0000 (16:56 +0200)
2013-07-16 Sylvain JoyeuxMerge remote-tracking branch 'orocos/master' master
2013-07-11 Peter SoetensDefault to dry setup for Groovy and wet for Hydro or...
2013-07-08 Sylvain JoyeuxMerge remote-tracking branch 'orocos/master'
2013-07-03 Javier Hidalgo... extras: fix ROPtr::reset(ptr) when 'ptr' is the actual...
2013-06-11 Peter Soetensuseorocos: generate typekits in the project source dir
2013-05-30 Sylvain JoyeuxMerge remote-tracking branch 'orocos/master'
2013-05-29 Sylvain Joyeuxadd missing setter for RTT::os::Thread::stopTimeout next
2013-05-29 Sylvain Joyeuxos: add a way to set the stop timeout on a per-activity...
2013-05-27 Ruben Smitscmake: UseOrocos macros should use the correct way...
2013-05-27 Ruben SmitsAlso append target suffix for macosx to not confuse...
2013-05-15 Ruben Smitscmake: add system library to user libs
2013-05-15 Ruben Smitstests: remove duplicate BOOST_TEST_MAIN macro
2013-05-03 Sylvain Joyeuxderegister the dataflow servant in cleanupServer
2013-05-03 Ruben Smitstests: do not mix included and linked usage of boost...
2013-05-03 Ruben Smitsos: we should use the Instance API of the StartStopMana...
2013-04-30 Ruben Smitsmacosx: fix building with boost > 1.50 and Snow Leopard
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