last changeThu, 2 Aug 2012 07:10:22 +0000 (01:10 -0600)
2012-08-02 Lance ColtonSupport for VDD2 / GPU settings (only smart reflex... master
2012-08-02 Lance Coltonfixed 3 bugs:
2012-05-15 Lance Coltonfixed some bugs screwing up the about page
2012-05-15 Lance Coltonupdate checking feature done
2012-05-14 Lance Coltonupdate checking seems to work
2012-05-13 Lance Coltoncurrent version number copied from changelog and includ...
2012-05-11 Lance Coltonstarted adding new version check
2012-05-11 Lance Coltonfixed haptics/messagehandler
2012-05-11 Lance Coltonbug with default profile fixed
2012-05-11 Lance Coltoncalculate & check md5 hash of benchmark results, warn...
2012-05-10 Lance Coltonfixed some bugs
2012-05-10 Lance Coltonplaying with hashing
2012-05-10 Lance Coltonload any on-boot profile as default in ui
2012-05-09 Lance Coltonhaptics effect for benchmark completion, started to...
2012-05-09 Lance Coltonfixed voltage not loaded when switching profiles
2012-05-09 Lance Coltonfixed more bugs :(
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