2013-10-20 Martin HöherIntroduced styles - first version of Widgets
2013-09-17 Martin HöherStoring window size and geometry
2013-09-15 Martin HöherRenaming of todo list
2013-09-15 Martin HöherTodo lists now left aligned
2013-09-15 Martin HöherHide deleted todos in due XXX views
2013-09-09 Martin HöherTodos now have unique ID
2013-09-09 Martin HöherSplit "key" and "dir" of XML todo lists
2013-08-25 Martin HöherSome changes for touch interaction and UI changes
2013-08-24 Martin HöherGeneral redesign of View component
2013-08-24 Martin HöherHouse keeping in QML resource dir
2013-08-23 Martin HöherSome changes for better touch support and scripts
2013-08-18 Martin HöherSome adaptions for Android support
2013-08-06 Martin HöherBread Crumps in todo details
2013-08-06 Martin HöherBetter speed in todo views
2013-08-05 Martin HoeherReset priority indicator properly
2013-08-05 Martin HoeherFix auto-saving
2013-08-05 Martin HoeherIncluding Popup in deployment step
2013-08-04 Martin HöherSeveral minor UI improvements
2013-08-04 Martin HöherAuto-saving of todo descriptions
2013-08-04 Martin HöherUpdating TodoListEntry's hasNext property
2013-08-04 Martin HöherCheck/uncheck sub todos
2013-08-04 Martin HöherFix: TodoView captures all mouse input
2013-07-28 Martin HöherFactoring out todo list view
2013-07-28 Martin HöherMinor fixes in date selector
2013-07-28 Martin HöherImproved due date selector
2013-07-27 Martin HöherRefresh of "due to ..." lists
2013-07-27 Martin HöherFix sorting in proxy lists
2013-07-22 Martin HoeherAdded missing files to *.pro
2013-07-21 Martin HöherFirst version of "flatter design"
2013-07-20 Martin HöherIncluded Font Awsome and moved some icons to font
2013-07-11 Martin HöherMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2013-07-11 Martin HöherImproved date picker
2013-07-10 Martin HoeherFix encoding in local XML backend
2013-07-10 Martin HoeherChange in project files for proper building
2013-07-09 Martin HöherFirst version of due dates implemented
2013-07-07 Martin HöherUsing images for delete/undelete actions
2013-07-04 Martin HöherMinor UI improvements
2013-07-04 Martin HöherMinor improvements in "new todo list" view
2013-07-04 Martin HöherClipping in search view
2013-07-03 Martin HoeherAdded missing file to *.pro
2013-07-02 Martin HöherAdded search view
2013-07-02 Martin HoeherMerge branch 'master' of
2013-07-01 Martin HöherSub-list feature in object model and "All Todos"
2013-06-27 Martin HoeherFixed height of todo view inside todo list view
2013-06-26 Martin HoeherBuild fixes for Windows
2013-06-25 Martin HöherShrinking of todo description
2013-06-25 Martin HöherSorting keeps completion into account
2013-06-25 Martin HöherFiltering in todo list and todo details views
2013-06-23 Martin HöherMulti-line entries in todo lists
2013-06-23 Martin HöherEditable todo title
2013-06-23 Martin HöherAdded QML "debug" and optional caching of images
2013-06-23 Martin HöherRemoved transparency from view background
2013-06-23 Martin HöherFix build in Unix
2013-06-23 Martin HoeherFix build on Windows: Deploy to destdir
2013-06-23 Martin HoeherExporting TodoListLibrary class
2013-06-10 Martin HöherIntermediate "undelete" action
2013-06-10 Martin HöherMoved deleted todos view into dedicated component
2013-06-10 Martin HöherAdding copyright notice in new files
2013-06-10 Martin HöherUsing PNG file for delete action
2013-06-10 Martin HöherFix deleted todos model
2013-06-09 Martin HöherSome changes in qmake files and better tool buttons
2013-06-09 Martin HöherAdded qmake "*.pro" files
2013-06-06 Martin HöherFix visibility of toolbar
2013-06-06 Martin HöherImproved toolbuttons, todo details view and cleanup
2013-06-02 Martin HöherNested progress and some refinements in UI
2013-06-02 Martin HöherAdded README
2013-06-02 Martin HöherAdded proper copyright statements and GPLv3 copy
2013-06-02 Martin HöherRemoved autogenerated *.desktop file
2013-06-02 Martin HöherFirst working version
2013-05-19 Martin HöherRemoved Widget application
2013-05-19 Martin HöherChanged to CMake (first version)