2015-02-01 Martin HöherAdded license disclaimer in README master
2015-02-01 Martin HöherAdding links to GitHub issue tracker
2015-02-01 Martin HöherUpdated README
2015-01-26 Martin HöherUpdated Android release version
2015-01-26 Martin HöherOpenTodoList 0.3.0 0.3.0
2015-01-26 Martin HöherLayout fixes
2015-01-26 Martin HöherRemember last page
2015-01-26 Martin HöherHighlighting of prioritized todos
2015-01-25 Martin HöherMark scheduled todos
2015-01-25 Martin HöherRefresh scheduled todos view regularly
2015-01-25 Martin HöherPurging of completed todos
2015-01-25 Martin HöherOption to show/hide completed todos
2015-01-25 Martin HöherManual sorting of tasks and todos
2015-01-24 Martin HöherFix: Reload on QML file change
2015-01-20 Martin HöherInsert new todos and tasks at end of list
2015-01-19 Martin HöherNotify views about object changes in model
2015-01-14 Martin HöherInsert objects sorted
2015-01-11 Martin HöherFix error in README
2015-01-11 Martin HöherFixes in build scripts, Android release
2015-01-11 Martin HöherOpenTodoList v0.2.0 0.2.0
2015-01-11 Martin HöherFix app hiding and back button on Android
2015-01-11 Martin HoeherFixes for Mac OS compatibility
2015-01-11 Martin HöherMinor changes for MSVC++ compatibility
2015-01-11 Martin HöherAvoid hangs on Android
2015-01-10 Martin HöherWorkaround for application settings
2015-01-10 Martin HöherShortcuts for todo page
2015-01-10 Martin HöherTodo sorting, backend capabilities and storage dir
2015-01-10 Martin HöherStyle improvements and fix in task view
2015-01-10 Martin HöherShow done tasks at end of lists
2015-01-09 Martin HöherIntegrated text formatter
2015-01-09 Martin HöherMinor improvements when renaming objects
2015-01-09 Martin HöherAdded "About" page
2015-01-09 Martin HöherImplemented search and todo filtering
2015-01-09 Martin HöherOptional menu & Symbol component
2015-01-09 Martin HöherFix app shortcuts and Escape/BAck handling
2015-01-09 Martin HöherFinished refactoring of viewer parts
2015-01-07 Martin HöherStarted GUI refactoring
2015-01-07 Martin HöherOptional dynamic QML reloading
2015-01-06 Martin HöherUse QQmlApplicationEngine
2015-01-06 Martin HöherSync when app starts
2015-01-06 Martin HöherPrepared Android background service + minimizing
2015-01-06 Martin HöherPreparation for UI/Service split
2015-01-05 Martin HöherNo read back of local XML todo lists if possible
2015-01-04 Martin HöherStatus notifier item fixes
2015-01-04 Martin HöherFinalized refactoring
2015-01-02 Martin HöherAdded/updated copyright notice
2015-01-02 Martin HöherUI Filtering/Sorting fixes
2015-01-02 Martin HöherDisposal of todo lists, todos and tasks
2015-01-02 Martin HöherQML fixes: Removed isDeleted and todo cloning
2015-01-02 Martin HöherFinalized DB proto and front end work
2014-12-31 Martin HöherGeneralized reading and deletion of objects
2014-12-29 Martin HöherGeneralized insertion of objects
2014-12-22 Martin HöherDocumentation about DB sync protocol
2014-12-20 Martin HöherAdded UML diagram
2014-12-20 Martin HöherAdded Doxyfile
2014-12-16 Martin HöherImplement reading of tasks from DB
2014-11-16 Martin HöherInsertion of tasks
2014-11-09 Martin HöherR/W of todos
2014-11-08 Martin HöherR/W of backends, accounts and todo lists
2014-11-05 Martin HöherDB refactoring + Account/Backend writing
2014-10-29 Martin HöherCore restructuring
2014-09-23 Martin HöherKeyboard shortcuts
2014-09-21 Martin HöherReducing number of queries
2014-09-16 Martin HöherDo not interact with inactive pages
2014-09-16 Martin HöherAvoid scrolling in tab views
2014-09-16 Martin HöherPrevent accidental loosing of todo notes
2014-09-14 Martin HöherFix upcoming todos view and "due tomorrow"
2014-09-14 Martin HöherCode Cleanup
2014-09-14 Martin HöherSingle instance and systray icon
2014-09-02 Martin HoeherMake use of DLLs for plugins - step 3
2014-09-02 Martin HöherUse of DLLs for plugins - Windows
2014-08-31 Martin HöherUse of dynamic link libraries when possible
2014-08-10 Martin HöherFix scrolling in embedded todo view
2014-08-09 Martin HöherFix: Ghost todos
2014-08-09 Martin HöherAbout application tab
2014-08-09 Martin HöherFix interpretation in smart todo title parsing
2014-07-27 Martin HöherUpdated Android version code
2014-07-27 Martin HöherUpdates Android Manifest for 0.1 release
2014-07-27 Martin HoeherMacOS X installers
2014-07-26 Martin HoeherMacOS build fixes
2014-07-13 Martin HöherSmall change in README
2014-07-13 Martin HöherRelease 0.1.0 0.1.0
2014-07-13 Martin HöherVarious layout fixes
2014-07-13 Martin HöherFix: Restoration of filter settings
2014-07-13 Martin HöherProper sorting of done and deleted todos
2014-07-13 Martin HöherSmart todo creation
2014-07-13 Martin HöherFix overdrawing of todo listings
2014-07-13 Martin HöherInstaller script: Windows fixes
2014-07-12 Martin HöherAdded Linux deployment tool
2014-07-12 Martin HöherSupport scripts for installer creation
2014-06-26 Martin HöherFix: Binding loop
2014-06-26 Martin HöherFix: Proper scrolling in scheduled todos
2014-06-26 Martin HöherUnified "Scheduled Todos" tab
2014-06-23 Martin HöherFix: Inclusion of QVector.h
2014-06-23 Martin HöherFix: Todo view in Todo details page
2014-06-22 Martin HöherSorting of todos and todo lists
2014-05-18 Martin HöherLayout fix: Break text confirm empty trash
2014-05-18 Martin HöherDeletion and renaming
2014-05-17 Martin HöherUse clone of todos for Todo details
2014-05-17 Martin HöherFix: Todo always has at least priority 0