2009-08-24 Ladislav Slezak.spec - fixed path to README_FOR_APP file
2009-08-24 Ladislav Slezakconfigure test-unit gem only in test mode
2009-08-24 Stefan Schubertstarting webric while test:ui call; adapted login test
2009-08-24 Jiri Suchomeldifferent UI for custom and standard services
2009-08-24 Josef Reidingerremove exception logger as now logger is configured...
2009-08-24 Josef Reidingeruse rails 2.3 initializers, store here session settings
2009-08-24 Josef Reidingerfix tests after change systemtime name
2009-08-24 Ladislav Slezakfixed plugin reloading configuration
2009-08-24 Jiri SuchomelYAHOO js library not packaged currently, removing its...
2009-08-24 Ladislav Slezakenvironment.rb - globally enable plugin reloading
2009-08-24 Jiri Suchomelno standalone plugin for now, let's work inside 'servic...
2009-08-24 Jiri Suchomeluse YaPI based API (org.opensuse.yast.modules.yapi...
2009-08-24 Klaus KämpfAdd WebYaST icon as favicon.ico
2009-08-24 Josef Reidingerfix default route in security module
2009-08-24 Josef Reidingerremove private routing from security module and use...
2009-08-24 Stefan Schubertrake test:ui TEST=test/ui/permission_test.rb .... runs...
2009-08-24 Josef Reidingerremove private routing from system plugin
2009-08-24 Josef Reidingerremove private routing from network module
2009-08-24 Josef Reidingerremove private routing from systemtime plugin
2009-08-24 Ladislav Slezaksystem controller - fixed gettext initialization
2009-08-24 Ladislav Slezaksystem plugin - added functional tests
2009-08-24 Ladislav Slezakapp/controllers/system_controller.rb - i18n support
2009-08-24 Ladislav Slezakconfig fix - needed for mocha >= 0.9.6 and test-unit...
2009-08-24 Josef ReidingerTest existence of private routing in modules
2009-08-24 Josef ReidingerDon't use private routing in users frontend
2009-08-24 Stefan Schubertadded dummy-host for Sinatra
2009-08-24 Stefan Schubertadded ui testcase for permission and dummy REST service
2009-08-24 Jiri Suchomelcustom-services client
2009-08-20 Josef Reidingerupdate to new workflow base system module
2009-08-20 Josef Reidingerfirst initial working version of base system, expect...
2009-08-17 Josef Reidingeradd redirect to control panel to controller specified...
2009-08-17 jreidingerAdd doc for language plugin
2009-08-14 Ladislav Slezaksession in nil, host name cannot be determined in contr...
2009-08-14 Ladislav Slezakcontrol center - added reboot/shutdown functionality
2009-08-14 Ladislav Slezakadded system client
2009-08-14 Ladislav Slezakusers controller - display results in flash
2009-08-14 Stefan SchubertMerge branch 'master' of
2009-08-14 Stefan Schubertafter login go back to the selected URL or / if it...
2009-08-14 Martin VidnerRevert "reduced code for simple start/stop service...
2009-08-14 Martin VidnerRevert "use put method and show its result"
2009-08-14 Josef Reidingeruse validate attribute, so w3c is passed
2009-08-14 Stefan SchubertMerge branch 'master' of
2009-08-14 Stefan Schubertadded write testcase
2009-08-14 Jiri Suchomeluse put method and show its result
2009-08-14 Jiri SuchomelMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git@git.opensuse...
2009-08-14 Josef ReidingerProperly enclose html and body tag
2009-08-14 Josef Reidingeruse yield instead of deprecated @content_for_layout
2009-08-13 Stefan SchubertMerge branch 'master' of
2009-08-13 Stefan Schubertcode cleanup; added testcases
2009-08-13 Duncan Mac... make the javascripts and css go to head section
2009-08-13 Duncan Mac... tempfile is not used
2009-08-13 Duncan Mac... Merge branch 'master' of
2009-08-13 Duncan Mac... Rubyize the validator, no shell grep calls, no tmp...
2009-08-13 Jiri SuchomelMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git@git.opensuse...
2009-08-13 Bjoern Geukenstatus module: fixes bnc #524234
2009-08-13 Jiri SuchomelMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git@git.opensuse...
2009-08-12 Robert Lihmadded section in status header for 'reboot' and 'shutdo...
2009-08-12 Jiri Suchomelreduced code for simple start/stop service tasks (fate...
2009-08-12 Stefan SchubertMerge branch 'master' of
2009-08-12 Stefan Schubertbrowser checking produces the Bug 529931; commented...
2009-08-11 Josef ReidingerUse more descriptive save buttons (bnc #525439)
2009-08-11 Stefan Schubertdo not authent. if the host has not been selected
2009-08-10 Duncan Mac... allow to run rcov from top level dir
2009-08-10 Duncan Mac... Merge branch 'master' of
2009-08-10 Duncan Mac... Warn for unsupported browsers (fate #306686)
2009-08-06 Klaus KämpfFix summary
2009-08-06 Klaus KämpfMerge branch 'master' of
2009-08-06 Klaus KämpfAdd check for rubygems
2009-08-05 Ladislav SlezakHide entered password - use password_field instead...
2009-08-05 Duncan Mac... typo
2009-08-05 Duncan Mac... another missing file
2009-08-05 Jiri Suchomelback to ror conventions
2009-08-04 Josef Reidingerfix 'check all' if ajax remove table for no patch and...
2009-08-04 Josef Reidingerfix test suite after change commit to update
2009-08-04 Josef Reidingerupdate documentation in language and time frontend
2009-08-04 Josef Reidingerremove debugger from code
2009-08-04 Josef Reidingerfix test suite to current state
2009-08-04 Josef Reidingerimprove readability of language controller
2009-08-04 Josef Reidingerfix hyphens in comment
2009-08-04 Josef Reidingerlocalize warning if no permissions is available
2009-08-04 Josef Reidingeruse or for default empty hash
2009-08-04 Josef ReidingerWrite success message also if time is moved to future
2009-08-04 Josef Reidingeruse lambdas instead loops
2009-08-04 Josef Reidingeradd input value validator directly to view as js
2009-08-03 Josef Reidingercreate validate html to pass tidy (still problem with...
2009-08-03 Josef Reidingeruse lambda functions to reduce loops
2009-08-03 Josef Reidingersort language names (bnc #525441 )
2009-07-31 Robert LihmFixed typo in class name
2009-07-31 Robert LihmChanged class name for alternateing rows JS function
2009-07-27 Jiří Šrainsort time zones
2009-07-27 Jiří Šrainspeed-up of region changing
2009-07-24 Duncan Mac... Merge branch 'master' of
2009-07-24 Duncan Mac... fastcgi fix
2009-07-24 Jiří Šrainfixed changing time zone region
2009-07-24 Stefan Schubertimproved layout; added more user information
2009-07-24 Stefan Schubertlayout improved
2009-07-24 Stefan SchubertMerge branch 'master' of
2009-07-24 Stefan Schubertimproved layout
2009-07-24 Duncan Mac... reenable validator
2009-07-24 Ladislav SlezakTime plugin - display date picker widget