merged cont.
[opensuse:yast-rest-service.git] / webservice / package / webyastPermissionsService.rb
2011-01-24 Thomas Biege- added ignore keywords for ror-sec-scanner
2010-10-05 mzugecMerge branch 'master' into bnc#638476_groups bnc#638476_groups
2010-09-14 Josef ReidingerSEC: fix regex bypass (bnc#616267)
2010-08-23 Martin VidnerMerge branch 'maintenance-webyast-1.0'
2010-07-29 Josef Reidingerfix setting permissions to Samba users
2010-07-14 Josef ReidingerMerge branch 'maintenance-webyast-1.0' of gitorious...
2010-07-13 Martin VidnerMerge branch 'maintenance-webyast-1.0' up to commit...
2010-07-13 Martin VidnerMerge branch 'maintenance-webyast-1.0' up to commit...
2010-07-08 Josef Reidingeradd license header to permission service file
2010-05-28 Josef Reidingerfix require in dbus service
2010-05-26 Josef Reidingeradd logging to permissions service
2010-05-24 Josef Reidingerfix dbus service return and require polkit
2010-05-21 Josef ReidingerMerge branch 'master' of role_mgmt
2010-05-21 Josef Reidingerfix missing etc requirement and fix access to methods
2010-05-21 Josef Reidingerfix typo in permission service
2010-05-18 Josef Reidingeradd service for granting and revoking permissions