merged cont.
[opensuse:yast-rest-service.git] / webservice / lib / yast_cache.rb
2011-04-11 Stefan Schubertmerging caching from caching branch into master
2011-03-17 Stefan Schubertreduced logging
2011-03-16 Stefan Schubertfilling cache as fast as possible
2011-03-15 Stefan Schubertusing delay_jobs instead of background manager
2011-03-10 Stefan Schuberthandling arguments in cache queu
2011-03-10 Stefan Schubertdeleting cache if fetch result is empty
2011-03-08 Stefan Schubertceanup cache handling while saving/destroying an entry
2011-03-07 Stefan Schuberthandle PackageKit in different threads
2011-03-03 Stefan Schubertreduced database access due caching in ActiveRecord
2011-03-02 Stefan Schubertdo not raise exception in the job
2011-02-28 Stefan Schubertcleanup patches; enable caching globaly
2011-02-24 Stefan Schuberttake correct key
2011-02-23 Vladislav GorobetsMerge branch 'caching' of
2011-02-23 Stefan Schubertcleanup code
2011-02-23 Stefan Schubertenlarge rehasing
2011-02-21 Stefan Schubertcheck nil
2011-02-21 Stefan Schubertdup cache
2011-02-18 Stefan Schubertdelete cache just before staring job
2011-02-17 Stefan Schubertdo not insert already existing job
2011-02-16 Stefan Schubertsyntax error
2011-02-16 Stefan Schuberthandle exceptions
2011-02-15 Stefan Schuberthanling cache table
2011-02-01 Stefan Schubertadded caches for all model classes